Thursday, July 29, 2010

I will Run to You!

I will run to You.

I will run to You!

That's all I can remember of the song right now, but that's all I need.

It's my life song.

I see my emotions, my feelings, my thoughts, my struggles as a video in my head.

Maybe I can describe it:

The battle scene is grim. It's black and white and the sad music is playing. There are explosions everywhere. The wounded walk through the clouds of smoke with a sorrow that is unexplainable in their eyes. They walk away from the battle. Many carry a loved on in their arms. Their grief beyond tears.

The smell is there. The aroma a death. Putrid. Sulfuric. Rotten.

I look around and see it in slow motion.
This isn't how it is supposed to be!

Where are the warriors?
Why are the walking away in defeat?

In the distance, I see a flash of light.
Sickness grips my stomach - is it another wave of attacks?

I see it again.
What is it?

But this time, I feel something.
A stir of hope.

I hear something.
A battle cry!

The enemy tanks begin to turn.
They fire!

A realization strikes me as if an enemy weapon has struck me!

My feet begin to move.
My heart begins to race.
I am running for the Light- towards the enemy fire, towards the enemy's guns!
It doesn't matter.
I am running.

I am running with all my heart.
I am running with all my soul.
I am running to Him!

He is my Savior!
He is my Creator.
He is my very breath, the Love of my Life, my Redeemer!

I can't see Him.
Some think I am foolish.
They are calling to me, telling me to turn back to safety.

But I run!
I run and the fear begins to leave.
I run and the weariness turns to energy.
I run and my faith begins to surge.

He is there!
That is ALL that matters!
I am running to HIM!

In the midst of the chaos.
In the midst of my defeat.
In the midst of sickness and tiredness.
I am running straight to HIM!

His presence is all I can think of.
His presence is what I thirst for.

I am running to His arms, to His embrace.

He is my creator!
He is the lover of my soul!

And there, as the enemy fires, I leap ~~~~
I leap into His JOY, His PEACE, His LOVE!

and suddenly,
the black and white is turned to vibrant living colors.
Suddenly, no longer is there pain and suffering, but His joy floods my soul.

Nothing else matters.

All I can do is worship Him in His majesty, in His greatness for WHO He is!
It is in His presence that I begin to see that I can never fully understand how wonderful and awesome He is!

It is in His presence that I begin to see how unworthy I am.
I begin to cry.
His Holiness is too much for my sin stained soul.

I cry out for His mercy.

He covers me in the precious blood of His Son.

Peace like a river floods my soul.

His Peace.

All that matters is that I run to Him.

blessings today- may you run to Him with every fiber of your being!