Monday, September 17, 2007

Digging for Lost Treasure

2 Corinthians 4 - Study #3
Ok, girls! It is Bible Study day! As I have been praying and seeking God for His direction on this week's study, my mind has gone in a thousand different directions.

Yesterday we celebrated 60 years of our church's history. What an incredible day! There were pictures and displays of so many things that have taken place through the ministry of First Assembly.

This past week I have been on a quest for a certain picture taken around 1972 of at church camp. I had received the Best Camper runner-up award and had to stand there with the boy who received the same award. It is an old polaroid picture and not the greatest quality. When it was taken it was actually thrown in the trash to get a better picture. I confiscated the picture from the trash and kept it in my keepsake box as a little girl. It was forgotten, along with a lot of other little mementos, until I was 19 years old.

The summer that I was 19, I had returned home from my freshman year of Bible college in love and engaged. My whole heart belonged to Rusty Blann (and still does)! He had come to visit me before he was headed off to church camp as a kid's counselor. As our conversation turned to our years as campers, we discovered that we had both received the Best Camper runner-up award the same year.

I ran to my little girl treasure box and dug out the blurry Polaroid. I knew it was me, but was that Rusty? He didn't know, so he took the picture with him to Fordyce to ask his mother. She confirmed his identity.

So, in an instant, a discarded and forgotten photograph became a treasure. It was something that very few couples have- pictures taken of them together at a young age. It was transferred from my little girl treasure box to my "grown up" valuables!

Since I grew up in this church and my husband is now the Senior Pastor, I thought it would be rather nice to have that "treasured" photo in our timeline yesterday. So began my treasure search for the past week. Since my move, over a year ago, certain things are not where I thought they were, namely my treasured pictures.

I dug through boxes, albums, closets and drawers. The picture was no where to be found! What at first was a quest became an obsession! "Could it have been discarded? Could we have lost it in the move? How could I have been so careless with something that cannot be replaced?"

My house now looks like a disaster area. All of the boxes and albums and storage containers are in our family room. I didn't find the picture for the 60th Anniversary celebration. I told my husband how frustrated I was and that as soon as the celebration services were over and I had my nap, then my search would resume.

So, before I went to bed last night, I had the "treasure" in my hand! It had been in an overlooked envelope with pictures I had set a part at one time to put in a special album.

I told you the short version (ha!) of that story to hopefully give you even more insight into this chapter in 2 Corinthians.

Things I can relate from this story to God's Word:
  • I had a treasure that at first I didn't realize was a treasure.

  • Once I knew I possessed a treasure, I eventually was careless with it.

  • When I realized my treasure was misplaced, it became valuable again.

  • My treasure was hard to find because it was hidden inside a common envelope.

  • I searched and searched until I regained my treasure.

We established in the last two weeks that the treasure referred to in 2 Corinthians 4 is the gospel message that we carry around in our earthly bodies. With all of the above in mind, go back and read chapter 4 - again. You ladies are all treasures. I hope you each realize how special you are.

Let me take a little liberty and take the scripture a little out of context. Sometimes our lost treasure can be innocence, self-esteem, confidence, security, love, joy.... and I could go on and on.

So my questions for you this week are more personal.

1) How can you relate my story of looking for the picture to the spiritual or emotional side of your life?

2) Can you find other scriptures that relate to finding treasures that were lost? (Do a word search on any of the resources listed.

3) This one isn't a question but a request: memorize 2 Cor 4:7 - 10.

I would love to hear from ALL of you! Oh, if I can, I am posting my little picture on the side...

Love you all!



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Anonymous said...

Ok, this program does not like me! Dorinda, I promise I have been studying each week. Some reason my posts haven't posted. I think I finally figured it out. I am going to try again to post my comments for this week.


Anonymous said...

Like the picture we hunt & hunt for treasure but we only find it when we are still and quiet. I was earnestly seeking what has been right under my nose the whole time. Earthly treasure is not in things but in my family and friends and in other christians. I am so glad God has shown me this. It has been hard for me. I thought more of money (treasure) than people & God (real treasure).
I am getting comcast in a couple of weeks so I hope my study research will go a little smoother.
God Bless.
Sherry M.

Treasure Seeker said...

Thanks Sherry! The comment you posted is exactly what this study on "Lord Help Me I'm Human" is all about.
We live in this world but our hearts are to be in God's world. It all gets mixed up sometimes- but He has given us so many treasures!

You are a treasure to us!

Kay D said...

It took me a while but I learned that there is no external "Treasure" that can bring joy or happiness. You just keep wanting more and feel worse.
God taught me over the years that wat Paul said is so true. Learn to be content in whatever state you are in.
I have been praying lately that God would help me to want less of this world and more of HIs world.
I think the prodigal son is an instance when he did not realize what he had until he left it. He came to his senses and came back and regained place at home. We can do that too with our heavenly Father.
I'm going to keep digging!

Treasure Seeker said...

Did you guys see the video Rusty had on his blog and showed in service a couple of weeks ago? After Sherry and Kays comments, I thought of that part where the demons where showing things to the girl, then she wanted them, then they would snatch it away and she kept chasing after the money, the looks, the love, etc. Her life was in a frenzy and frantic chasing for the lure of the enemy. The whole time, Jesus was calling her to His peace. He had all the treasure she could ever ask for or need. She just had to run to Him.
Thanks ladies!

Kay D said...

That video was so powerful. It was a perfect visual picture of what our struggle can be.

Courtney W said...

I believe one thing that all women at some point struggle to find is their treasure in themselves. The treasure that God sees us as. .. that we are treasure because Christ is in us. This is something that I struggled with when I was a teenager and a time while in college. I struggle with it still from time to time. I have struggled to find myself “good enough” for many things. Good enough for the ministry, for organizations I lead at school, when I started dating Brett I struggled at times feeling good enough for him even. There were all kinds of things that I struggled with. The enemy knew exactly where to attack me too. I even felt that because I wasn’t musically inclined, I wasn’t good enough to do any kind of ministry. That preaching or speaking to children wasn’t good enough.
But my sophomore year of college God began to deal with me. I began searching more of what he thought that anyone else thought including myself. I read a book called Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge and God used that book to change my life. God spoke words to me daily of how much He loves me, how He is captivated by me, and that I AM good enough. I am not good enough by what Courtney does, doesn’t do, or anything I am good enough because God loves me and Christ is living in me. And that is where I found my treasure. Not in words by others, not in what I thought about myself before..but what I think about myself now because of Jesus love for me. Its funny because Brett told me that one of the biggest things that attracted him to me was this rare confidence I have. If he only knew! Haha. Its not me but its Christ… that HE sees me as a treasure. =)

Treasure Seeker said...

wow! thanks for sharing courtney!
i think you put into words exactly how so many women feel. and you are right- the enemy will come in and find the weakness in your "armor" so to speak.

i bought small treasure boxes for my girls years ago to save for "the purity talk". the word treasure is a springboard for all the womanhood issues they will face. so as each girl has and will become a woman/young lady they have a treasure box to remind them they are a treasure to God, mom and dad, and to their future prince charming. we also talk about their purity being a treasure that is a once in a lifetime deal....
anyway - whole different subject, but ya made me think.

God thinks we are valuable enough to put His treasure of His Son in us !!!


bjr3mom said...

test angel

bjr3mom said...

It is interesting that we are discussing treasure right now. I use the word interesting in place of coincidental because I have been alarmingly aware of the absence of coincidence in my life. I think when things are brought to your attention it is a whisper from God confirming decisions you’ve made or steering you away from making the wrong decisions. Now that I’ve prefaced my next statements :) (Sorry y’all know I’m a talker)… My earthly treasure was never material things. Although I had plenty of really nice things (thanks to my husband’s hard work) it never filled a void. In fact, it only created more anxiety in my life. The earthly treasure I sought were love, acceptance and admiration from those around me; especially the ones I love the most. I filled my days with good deeds, going above and beyond because I love helping but secretly because I needed to feel needed. It was only when I was alone (really alone) that I understood those “treasures” are not something to be earned. Not only can I not achieve them through actions, but God never required that of me. As His child, it is my birthright to have ALL things, including emotional wholeness. Verse 6 really stuck w/ me referring to the knowledge of the glory of God. Glory describes full character; the weight of who God is. Romans 8:18 “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” My “treasure hunt” has been redefined. I am no longer looking for earthly acceptance but rather a closer, deeper relationship with the One who meets all my needs (the ones I am aware or even unaware of). As humans, our needs (emotional, financial, etc) can sometimes seem unattainable but if we search for true treasure (SEEKING HIM, TRUSTING HIM, KNOWING HIM) our needs will not only be met but surpassed. Having full confidence in our Father brings indescribable peace. There is nothing better. My heavenly treasure is seeing the fullness of God’s glory. I am excited about that day but pray I am able, through my life, to show just a glimpse of who He is. It will change the world.