Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Baby's Birth Day

Good Morning to all of you today! I pray you are having a wonderful day and not freezing your tushies off!

I am writing today to share my thoughts with all of you. Today is Taylor's birthday. She is 9 years old!

Rusty and I get so emotional every year around this time, because we don't ever want to forget the miracles God performed in her life. Sometimes I wonder if people ever get tired of us telling and re-telling, and telling again her story. But I don't, because it is an absolute marvel to me.

Last night before we went to bed, Taylor snuggled up in my lap on the couch and fell asleep. I couldn't stop looking at her and thanking God that we have her. It makes me wonder what special purposes does God have for her- and how many of those purposes have we already unknowingly witnessed.

As she was laying in my lap, all snuggled up and sleepy, I whispered in her ear how thankful I am that she is my precious daughter (a ritual I do with all my kids - although the older ones don't particularly crawl up in my lap anymore... ha!).

Rusty and I also -every year- go through the 9 years ago right now we were...... It was emotional yesterday for me when I did the "9 years ago right now the doctor told us that Taylor would not live- whether she stayed in my womb or they induced labor. It was our choice." After walking down the hallway of that ultrasound room, Rusty and I walked out into the waiting room where both sets of parents were. We literally fell into their arms and wept and wailed. We then prayed and cried out to our God in heaven who graciously heard our prayers and performed miracle after miracle in our child's life.

Tears are now streaming down my face as I remember the raw emotions we had, and whispered all of the "what ifs". I guess I am writing this email to try to express my praise and adoration for a powerful God. I can only hope that if the events had not turned out as wonderful as they did, that I would still be expressing my praise and adoration to a powerful God- because regardless of any outcome that is Who He is - a powerful and wonderful God.

I have attached a picture of my miracle girl from this past summer. We visited the Hospital where she spent the first month of her life - Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, AR. She is standing in front of the NICU unit where we have pictures of big brother and sister before they went in to see her for the first time. There are some other pictures, just so you can praise God with us today for His Miracle working power. Our little miracle is on the gymnastics team and has done well this year!

If for some reason you don't know our child's story, I couldn't even begin in the short time I have this morning to tell it to you. BUT- long story short - she somehow developed chylous ascites in the uterus. The massive amount of fluid was damaging her organs. In a 2 hour long ultrasound (mentioned above) they found a sizeable tumor. After she was born they confirmed it was cancerous. Because of the acites with chyle in it, they believed she had hodgkins lymphoma. Immediately after birth, they whisked her to the nicu unit to put her on breathing machines because her lungs could not function on their own. She was born at 29 weeks. Prematurity was not the issue - it was her internal organs being so cramped due to fluid during their important formative stages. They did not think our baby would survive at all. Day after day, the doctors would tell us something was wrong, then come back and say the problem disappeared. I remember one doctor finding us in the nicu waiting room, setting down and saying, "We have done all we can do. All I can say is 'keep praying', because that is what is saving your baby. I have never seen miracle after miracle as I have seen in your baby." Wow! That is her story in a nut shell- We walked out of that hospital in 4 1/2 weeks with our sweet angel. The doctors and a couple of nurses walked us to the elevator because they were still in shock she lived and was going home.

So, please know that God, Who is creator of our universe, Who so loved the world that He gave His only Son, - that God loves you! Please know the He is Mighty and Powerful and Wonderful! He is still a miracle working God and He is Sovereign. May you trust wholly in Him and seek His face.
Have a wonderful day and thanks for those of you who prayed with us for our little girl 9 years ago! Thanks for rejoicing with us today for our little 9 year old miracle!


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Anonymous said...

WOW! This message is so powerful. Hearing about the miracles of God in people we know personally never gets old. So here I am catching up on emails I should have already checked. But this one stopped me cold. As I read it my eyes filled up with tears. Please don't ever stop talking about Taylor's miracle from God. Not just in healing Taylor but how he touched your lives in the process. Because for those of us reading about it builds strength for whatever is going on in our own life. I do not have a major crises that I know of right now but reading this sure starts my day off feeling blessed to be God's child. And whoever I meet this week that needs to know God still cares I am prepared. Thanks Dorinda you blessed me this morning.
Jackie H.