Friday, August 27, 2010

Eye Witness Account

Yesterday afternoon I was headed to the store, minding my own business, lost in a world of thoughts.

I was about 20-30 feet from an intersection when I saw out of the corner of my eye, a vehicle that was not slowing down for the stop sign.

From that second on I felt like I was in some type of slow motion movie where sounds are muted and everyone and everything is moving in slow motion with very exaggerated movements and facial contortions.

I saw (but do not remember hearing) the two SUVs collide. The one that was hit, flew into the air several feet (in a movie like slow motion pace - it seems) and then landed on its side.

I pulled my vehicle over and grabbed my phone to dial 911.

If you know me, you know that I am a hyper type person. I get excited and animated- easily. (I don't like that about me, but I've tried to change it and I can't.) Well, I was so rattled, I couldn't dial 9-1-1. I kept hitting 9-1-2 or 9-2-2.

By this time I was on the side walk wondering what to do. Then I saw the billows of smoke coming out of the vehicle that was on its side. My thought was- "get back~ this car is about to explode!"

Then, someone "unmuted" the sound in my head.

I heard a baby screaming. I can still hear the baby screaming.

My heart starting pounding in my ears and my hands started shaking more than they were when I was trying to dial 9-1-1.

I still felt like I was in a quagmire of slow motion force field. I moved, but not fast enough. I heard a man screaming and then I saw the blood. Another eye witness across the street had called 9-1-1.

My heart felt like it was going to stop beating. There wasn't just a little blood. It was pouring out of the driver's side window, that was face to face with the concrete, almost like someone was pouring soda out of a can. I ran to the back hatch to try to open it. It wouldn't budge. The doors were all caved in or blocked (the suv was on it's side). I was praying to Jesus to help me open the doors. The smoke kept billowing and the screams kept screaming.

When I came back around the vehicle a man had run up and was trying to get the kids also. He climbed on top of the vehicle, which was actually the passenger side. Where the other vehicle had hit this one, the back door had caved enough for him to slide down into. After frantically working with the car seat he got the first baby out and handed her to me.

It was then we heard the second set of cries! There was another baby in the car.
By that time, other people we coming to help.

I was worried about the daddy who was bleeding so badly. He was in shock, but had enough wits to realize we were worried about the car blowing up and knew his babies were in the vehicle. He shouted, "There's two! Get the girls!" I assured him we had both girls but encouraged him to put pressure where ever he was bleeding from. I kept talking to him while the man worked on getting to the other baby.

Our wonderful Police Chief pulled up by then (off duty, I might add. He's an extra miler.). The ambulance, squad cars and fire trucks were arriving. I never remember hearing a siren.

The professionals got the man out of the vehicle. His babies still crying, but in good hands with by standers. By this time I realized the car was not going to explode. It was just smoking from being hit. Every thing was under control and I stood there taking in the reality of what I had just witnessed~ all in muted silence. The world was in action around me and I was in a strange silent bubble.

(To make a long story short, the babies were fine, the other vehicle was fine, and I believe the dad will be ok. He did loose a lot of blood and will probably have to have several surgeries on his arm and leg.)

It wasn't until about an hour later that I emerged from the slow motion time warp thing and heard sounds and the same time I saw the action.

I'm still hearing the sounds.

The babies' screams.
The man's cries.

I'm still seeing the sights.

The blood.
The baby shoes and bottle in the street.

By no means do I want to sensationalize an accident by blogging about it, but I am trying to process this.

After giving my statement, my vehicle was cornered in by several squad cars, ambulances and fire trucks, so I just stood there.

I noticed the little things.

~ The woman who ran the stop sign was in a dazed shock.
~ The light on her front fender was dangling and swinging- still.
~ The crimson trickle running down the street.
~ The pacifier on it's side in the red stuff.
~ The baby croc shoe - turquoise blue with little brown fur inside.
~ The pale skin of the man who had lost so much blood.
~ The swift confidence and professionalism of the civil servants involved.

I noticed the big things.
~ No one lost their life.
~ God has plans for all those babies involved. Their lives are precious to Him.
~ I was glad I had hugged and kissed my family that morning. There was a few seconds in the mayhem that I was not sure I would see them again in this life.

Today, I've made a mental note of the things I have learned:

~ Seat belts are important!
~Car seats ARE essential!
~Loose objects in a vehicle can be life threatening if in a wreck. The babies had a few bruises from flying objects.
~I.C.E. numbers should be in phones, diaper bags, purses, and glove boxes etc.
~Always be cautious. Even in the residential areas~ accidents- not just fender benders - do happen.
~ Eternity can be a second away. Choose now where you want to spend it!
~Take each moment you are given and never miss an opportunity to hug and kiss your family.
~Pray over your loved ones.
~Ask God to spare you from ever taking someone else's life.

Thanks for letting me process this. I am thankful for God's hand of protection, but you know what? I am also thankful for His sovereignty. He is a Faithful God!

Please make sure you make things right with Him ~ now.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Imperfect but Priceless to a Perfect God

Today I read words penned by another. I was inspired and reminded of the great love our God has for ALL of us~ regardless of our past and present.

Please visit her blog and read her testimony of the compelling love of God in her life.

He will do the same for you!

Click here to read her testimony.

blessings to you today!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He is my Everything!

I am so thankful for Jesus in my life. He is my everything!

He is the Word of God!
John 1:1
He is the Truth!
John 14:6
He is the Way!
John 14:6
He is the Life!
John 14:6
He is my everything!

This morning, I just needed Him to speak to me. Physically I just wasn't feeling 100%. I have mounds of work to do and there are some projects looming in my future that, quite honestly, I cannot do on my own.

I needed Him to breathe His presence, His Word, His Life, His Way, His Truth into my soul. I needed to rest in WHO He is.

I got the kids to school. Returned home and sat in the recliner and simply said, "Jesus, I need You."

I opened my Word and there He was! He spoke to my heart with such peace and strength. He encouraged my with such guidance.

I can't say it enough~


I don't want to spend a day without Him.

I don't want to take a breath without Him.

I need Him in every aspect of my life~ my wants, my desires, my needs, my dreams, my goals, my hopes, my fears.

He is my everything.


That's it. There's nothing more.

May He be YOUR everything!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everything I Need

Sometimes when I read my Word, I am "fed" spiritually and don't particularly "enjoy" my meal. Other times, I sit down at the table God has prepared for me and I am like a ravenous animal.

The "meat" is so delicious and my soul has been craving just that!

Yesterday was one of those times.

It wasn't a large meal by any means, but God just spoke to me VOLUMES in one sentence of His Word, in one "bite", if you will.

2 Thessalonians 1:2 from the Message says, "Our God gives you everything you need, makes you everything you're to be."

That's it.

But, WOW!

I needed that Word from Him at that moment.

God's like that. He knows everything about us~ our strengths and our weaknesses. He even knows our shortcomings before we do.

He prepares us for the times He knows we are going to make a wrong choice. He "gives us EVERYTHING we need".

The times my world is in chaos swirling around me, He has the peace I need.
When life has assaulted me with blows and pelted me with hardships, He has the strength I need to get up and stand in Him.
When the thief of circumstance comes to rob me of my joy, He is there giving me that joy that only He can give.

I could go on and on!

He gives me EVERYTHING I need!

Not only that!~ He makes me everything I'm to be. ~ He makes you everything you're to be!

Do you understand how powerful this is for our lives?

I, we, just have to let Him work in our lives!

Lord, I yield myself to You today! Make me what You have purposed and planned for me to be!
Help me, every second with every breath to yield completely to Your plan, Your destiny for my life!

Paul goes on in 2 Thessalonians 1 to pray for the Thessalonians:
verse 11~ " I pray that our God will make you fit for what He's call you to be, pray that He'll fill your good ideas and acts of faith with His own energy so that it all amounts to something."

Today, I am praying that for each of you.

Yesterday, I talked to a dear friend who was heartbroken. Her plans and goals she had worked so hard for had fallen through. As tears streamed down her face she confessed, "I know God is going to work this out for His good and His purpose." And she smiled a beautiful smile through her tears.

I could just see God in heaven beaming with pride over His daughter trusting Him with her life. He will do just that ~ work this situation in her life for His good and her good. I am excited to see how He will turn this heartbreak and disappointment into one of the greatest successes in her life! Everything she has been working for has been to share His love with other people, so He must have awesome plans for her to change these plans so abruptly mid stream!

God is amazing and endless in His love for us!

It is my prayer today that YOU KNOW HIM intimately! I pray you ALLOW Him to give you everything you need. I pray you allow Him to make you everything you are to be!

love you all!