Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Noni's China Journals #1

(Several weeks ago I began my posts on The Beauty of Adoption and my memories of our trip to China to get Mia. I decided to wait and finish these posts until now to lead up until our wonderful Gotcha Day on May 9th. If you haven't read my other two posts regarding our adoption, please do so first.)

A year ago today I had so many mixed feelings.

Excitement~ of traveling to the other side of the world
Dread ~ of leaving 3 of my children and husband at home
Anticipation~ for holding my new granddaughter
Fear~ traveling to China without my husband, my protector and best friend
Worry~ about all the details of traveling abroad
Peace~ this trip was right and for the most wonderful purpose!

I had so much to do to get ready for my long trip to the other side of the world. Not only did I need to pack for myself for a 20 day trip, but I wanted to make sure I had everything at home in order for my husband who was about to find out what being a taxicab mom was all about.

I must admit that I relished the thought (just a little) of my husband waking the kids, feeding the kids, making sure they looked presentable, getting them to the different schools, picking them up, making sure homework was done, getting them dressed for ball practices, getting them to practice and games (all 3 playing), feeding them, cleaning up after them, and doing the laundry.... and that is just a starter list. [This is where you see a picture of my with little horns on my head and a huge grin on my face.]

In my wildest dreams I had no idea of what to expect in China~ other than we were going to bring home our precious Mia, the baby we had all prayed for, for so long.

[Those of you who know me and know Rusty are aware of the sacrifice my husband made for me to go on this trip with Glenda and her family. He is the ultimate protector as a husband. I believe with all of my heart, Rusty is the exact image of what God had in mind for a godly husband. He is such a perfect fit for me because I definitely need a keeper. ha! I need someone to make sure I don't lose my keys or my driver's license. I need someone ~ Rusty~ to make sure I get where I am supposed to be, etc, etc. If he asked me once, he asked me a thousand times, "Do you know where your passport is? Do you know what to do if.....? Or what about.....?" ]

A year ago I made last minute visits to the schools, checked and re-checked every one's schedules. Tomorrow I would finish my final packing.

My thoughts were filled with questions about China: what would the food be like, what would our hotels be like, what would the people be like, and what would Mia be like?

I kissed my husband and kids a little more. I stole as many hugs as I could. I wrote them little "love notes". I bought my mother's Mother's Day present and card. I checked each "to do" item off of the list that had been growing for the past month.

One more day and I would board a plane to the other side of the world ~ without my husband~ but with my oldest daughter and her growing family!

China was closer than it had ever been!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pain is Relative

Many of you can sympathize with my predicament.

I mentioned in an earlier post about my "bum" shoulder. I can just slightly move my torso to balance myself (seems I have to do that a lot!) and the mind numbing pain shoots through my shoulder and down my arm.

Sleep runs away from me. The pain scares it off.

I thought the previous couple of night's sleeplessness was due to not being in my cozy bed and not having my wonderful pillows. Last night I had the pleasure of both, but sleep still evaded me.

After the maximum dose of naproxen sodium, sleep still could not be found. I have bags under my eyes today. The nagging pain has settled into permanent residence in my right shoulder. Upon some contemplation though, I would rather have this pain than other pains I have had. I would like to sleep, but the pain can be bearable.

And my silly pain allows some humorous moments to crawl into my life.
Like ~returning a side hug from a friend's husband ~ just to have my shoulder freeze and constrict in pain~ about the time I am going to pat his back~ only to pat toooooo low~


Can you say mortified!?
[I have friends that I grew up with that would particularly find that story a little too humorous..... something to do with a purse...?? (lol)]

Pain is relative.
What I mean is, until you know intense pain, the worst pain you have had until that moment is great. But once the new intense pain arrives, you understand the insignificance of your previously minor pain.

Pain is relative.
I may think I am in a lot of pain, but I know there is much worse out there. So, I just face my sleepless night thanking God I don't have that kind of pain.

We encounter pain in the physical.
We experience emotional pain. Spiritual pain can be eternal.

Again, upon reflection, I would rather have physical pain over emotional pain any day, any time. Physical pain affects me alone. Emotional pain would, more than likely, happen due to strained relationships.

Pain is relative.
Spiritual pain, which is separation from God, is intolerable and for me, not an option. Spiritual pain, if not dealt with before our appointed date with destiny, makes all other pain pale in comparison.
Spiritual pain ~ deep anguish~ during which Jesus on the cross cried, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" is the kind of pain that, without divine intervention, can last forever~ throughout eternity.

Pain is relative.
The spiritual pain of Jesus upon the cross was so agonizing because He knew the reality of closeness with the Father. In the instant God the Father had to turn His back on His only Son because of the sins of the world, Jesus knew, for the first time, a state of being void of His Father's holiness and righteousness. Jesus experienced the worse kind of spiritual pain.

Pain is relative.
So many are lost in their sin, but have no idea the spiritual distress they are in because that is all they have ever known. Let a Christ filled believer cross their path and begin to pray for their darkness to be revealed and swoosh! A glimpse into the depth of their spiritual pain cracks into their being.

The weight of sin can suddenly be felt. Oh, they may respond in evil and vile cursing, or they may respond is complete humility before God, but for once, they slowly begin to understand the depravity of their soul.

Pain is relative.
Why I am being so seemingly gloom and doom?
Because pain is relative.

One doesn't have to live in the darkness!
The light of the gospel of Christ can flood the soul with joyous, glorious and wondrous love! In that moment that His love is accepted and His blood applied, pain is relative because~
There is a Blessed Hope of having eternity with the Savior!
So, today I leave you with the prayer of Paul from the Amplified version:
"May He grant you out of the rich treasury of His glory to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in the inner man
by the [Holy] Spirit [Himself indwelling your innermost being and personality].
May Christ through your faith [actually] dwell (settle down, abide, make His permanent home) in your hearts!
May you be rooted deep in love and founded securely on love.
That you may have the power and be strong to apprehend and grasp with all the saints
[God's devoted people, the experience of that love]
what is the breadth and length and height and depth [of it];
[That you may really come] to know [practically, through experience for yourselves]
the love of Christ, which far surpasses mere knowledge
[without experience]; that you may be filled [through all your being]
unto all the fullness of God
[may have the richest measure of the divine Presence,
and become a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself]!
Ephesians 3:16-19

Blessings to each of you and may you have a spiritual pain free day! :)


Friday, April 25, 2008

Last on Marketplace Christianity

Ok. I have to hurry and there are like a thousand posts running through my head. Do I go ahead and write my last piece on Marketplace Christianity or do I share with you the account of the lawn guy and the dirty dishes in the back-yard?

(Say whaaaaattt??) :)

I think you will have to wait the humorous details on that story.

Back to Marketplace Christianity.

I have picture I want you to get in your mind and I am not so sure I have the time to "take" you there. When I say marketplace, I am thinking of the hub of community activity. I am thinking of the place where one goes to find someone they haven't seen in a while. It would be the epi-center of commerce. I guess in our post-modern society I am thinking of, none other than~

Wal-Mart or Target~

or the local grocery store.

The marketplace.
Where one goes to do business, yet also will cement some relationships in the process.

You have all seen it. The two ladies catching up on the latest gossip at the end of the produce aisle, or the two gentlemen discussing the best lawn care products in the gardening section.
In the middle of the hustle and bustle of frantic shopping trips, the leisure side of relationship 101 can be seen on any given aisle.

What does all of that have to with Marketplace Christianity?
Simply said our Christianity should affect every aspect of our lives.
Our Christianity should affect our conversation in the produce aisle.
Our Christianity should affect our discussion of lawn care products.
Our Christianity should determine our decisions, our actions, our speech, our attitudes and please don't forget our reactions.

Being a Christian is not just about what we "don't" do.
Being a Christian is not just about what we "don't" say.
Being a Christian is just as much about our REACTIONS.

We should also have Christ-like reactions to~
and many more relevant issues that sometimes we choose NOT to react to.

Hmmmmmmm. Oh, how I wish I could go on. The soap box is calling my name to come stand awhile, but I must leave you with these thoughts and one question.

"What Christ-like reactions do we have to the items mentioned above?"

ok- I need to go!

love you all!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More on Marketplace Christianity

I have a ttl (true to life) story to tell you!

As soon as I posted my blog yesterday, I made a McDs run for the No. 2, large fries, large Diet Coke- (not my fasting day!). I pull in, and "Hallelujah!"- there is no one in line.

[Now, for those of you who just by chance happen upon this blog, I live in the Delta. The Delta is not known for its quality customer service in the fast food chains.]

I drive straight through to the intercom and vaguely hear the lady say something. So, I assume she has welcomed me to McDonalds and asked me what I would like to order. I rattle off in my chirpy little voice, "I would like a No. 2 please with a Large Diet Coke. And..... (I can't believe I am admitting this!) a cinnamelt, too!"

I am drooling over the thought of my order. It is 1:00 pm and I haven't eaten. I know I am NOT going to eat BOTH cheeseburgers and the cinnamonmelt, but I have the option! I am waiting for my order to just "appear" on the little screen thing. I wait.

I wait a little longer.

I wait some more.

By now, I am not sure what to do. Am I an idiot? Did she just say they were closed or something? Or did she ask me to call 911 because they were being robbed? Or did she say please wait while I eat my burger? There are cars backed up to the busy street. I am sure someone is about to start honking at the goofy person just looking at the blank screen.

So, in my sweet voice - trying not to sound like a complete airhead-

I ask, "Hell000-000?" (notice I was very careful to put more "oooos" in there..)


Hmmmmm. What do I do???

I decide to go ahead and drive to the payment window.

As I pull up, the little girl runs up. She has a worried look on her face and begins apologizing profusely in a very kind and sweet manor.

My heart went out to her immediately. What I saw in her eyes were a thousand customers in her past, ranting and raving on why they were not served more promptly.

I told her that was fine and it was no big deal. She took my order and my money and I proceeded to window number 2 to get my order number 2! (Still drooling over my fries and cinnamelt!)

The next lady is very kind and quickly gives me my order. I see a manager in the background.

That is when I get the idea!

I asked for the manager.

All expressions pale. Mouths shut firmly and jaw muscles tighten.

Again, my heart ached for them.

The manager came with a plastered smile on her face ready for the bombardment of complaints.

I smiled my biggest grin and began to complement the first young lady for her sweet spirit and kind words regarding my wait. I told her that I didn't mind the wait in the first place, but since she was so thoughtful about it, I was impressed.

The manager blinked. Looked very close at me- (Was she checking to see if I was on drugs or something?) Then she exhaled and broke out into a heartwarming smile. She mentioned something about thank you and appreciation and I drove off.

With my window still down I left to enjoy my feast. Before she closed her porthole I heard her exclaim to the young lady in the back, "You got a complement!"

Why have I gone to all of this detail to share this story with you?

Because in those moments after my wait, I realized that we, as Christians, don't make as big of a difference, I think, as Christ would like for us to, in our "marketplaces".
When we are in the marketplace of life, do we "demand" better service more than we complement those that serve us?

Do we tip well at restaurants?

Do we return our buggies to the shopping cart corral? (my personal pet peave)

Do we smile at strangers in the aisles?

Do we offer to help others?

Do we pray for the car next to us at the stop light?

My 11 year old exemplified a pure Christ-like spirit the other day. We were leaving the office and several friends had stopped by for errands. I was late picking up my son and needed to hurry. My Mack wasn't in the car. Thinking she was visiting with a buddy, I loudly told her we needed to get gone. I then looked over to see her helping an elderly lady with a large package into her car. Was I ever embarrassed! Mack had stopped her chatting to run and help someone else. (Beam! Beam!)

I have more to say on this subject, but I will wait until Friday. So, stay tuned for Part 3 of my ramblings on Marketplace Christianity!

love you all!


Marketplace Christianity

After a rushed morning of waking very sleepy kids (ball season has arrived!), finding matching clothes and getting teeth brushed, hair brushed and preparing breakfast, I drove my kids to school. We always pray in the car for their day and their decisions.

My prayer over them always involves several things:
  • I plead the blood of Jesus over the bodies, souls, and spirits;
  • I pray that the Word of God planted in their hearts would fall on good ground and return where God has purposed He send it 100 fold;
  • I ask that all they say, think and do would glorify God;
  • Lastly I request the Savior to guide every decision they make and to give them His divine favor with students, teachers, and administration.
Today my son is more devastatingly handsome than ever. In his career orientation class he has a mock business interview. He had to wear dress clothes - button down shirt, khakis, belt, dress shoes and tie- clothing choices that are extremely unnatural for him:). Complementing his good looks this morning, I thought about his "career" day and the endless possibilities of his future. My thoughts turned to our daily prayer for their lives.

What I want for my children and their future is that they daily live a victorious Christian life. I want them to take Jesus into every single day. I want them to take Jesus into every aspect of their education and their careers. I want them to have a Marketplace Christianity.

Marketplace Christianity.
What does it mean? How does it affect us?
Marketplace Christianity is simply discipleship to the fullest.

Too many people reserve their "best" Christ-likeness for the sanctuary dress-up days. In some ways their spirituality is like my son's career day. Christianity is a "mock" preliminary for a pretend faith that only exists in the shadow of the steeple (as a popular song suggests).

Marketplace Christianity.
Live like Jesus every second of every day in every situation. Take Jesus to Wal-mart. Take Jesus to work with you. Take Jesus home with you.
Allow him to speak THROUGH you.

Marketplace Christianity.
Marketplace Christianity is not just taking Jesus with you. It is sharing Jesus with those around you ~ at Wal-mart; at work; and at home.
If we truly lived as Christ, our world would be different.

Marketplace Christianity.
Marketplace Christianity is not a program. It is not something we do when we feel like it.
Marketplace Christianity is a lifestyle.
Marketplace Christianity is a reformation of the soul.
Marketplace Christianity is biblical.
Marketplace Christianity should be you.
Marketplace Christianity should be me.

Marketplace Christianity.

I pray you are challenged to live Jesus as never before.

love you all!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Age Has its Way of Mocking Me!

Age has its way of mocking me.

Inside I still "feel" 25. I have to work hard to act like the "mature" 40 something pastor's wife that I am. Maturity and dignity do not come naturally for the likes of me.

Your natural response would be, "How is that?"
(Do I even share such things for the whole world to see? Of course! )

Well, for starters, I find most of life quite humorous. It doesn't matter if I am supposed to be sad, quiet, or respectful. I am very easily tickled.

Like in church.
My husband is the most amazing preacher I have ever heard! I am blessed to have him as my pastor for the rest of our lives. I could sit and listen to him forever! - but you add a snoring person in the mix, in the pew behind me, and it is all over for me! I can disrupt a congregation faster than the squirrel in the revival! Shoulders shaking, giggles audibly erupting and tears streaming - those are the moments you B-E-G God for a much more serious nature!

Like in conference settings.
Oh, my. Don't even take me to one of those! And please, please don't set me next to a person with any type of idiosyncrasy! Like next to the lady who clicks her teeth when she is thinking. A few minutes of that, and it starts for me. First come the hushed snickers. Next, I give way to little gasps of "oooowowoh" followed by a louder giggle. The next thing you know I am in a full blown snort!

Like at funerals.
I have WAY too many stories for this category. There is one tale that belongs to the Searcy crew. I must say, I was just as innocent as Vernon and Pat Shourd and Frank and Helen Gentry! There was something about a grumbling hungry stomach that was louder than the preacher! It is also one of those "you had to be there" stories. Tears were rolling down our cheeks, that is for sure!
I can't forget the time the guest minister started carrying on a conversation with the dear soul in the casket. Now - that just took the cake! I did have enough sense about me that time to just get up and leave! I was lucky not to leave that funeral home without a straight jacket! I made it to the ladies room and was doubled over in the floor laughing.

Age has its way of mocking me.
It is good that I can laugh at myself!

Several years ago, we came up with an award in the office when someone did something silly or just plain "stupid". It was a McDonald's Happy Meal Goofy toy. It just kind of stayed in the office with all of the m&ms.....

Age has its way of mocking me.
I deserved a "Goofy Award" the other day. (This is for you Shannon!) I was working so hard in my little office cranking out the work. I decided I had earned a chocolate moment- (you know- stop what you're doing and savor 5 minutes of wonderful chocolate!). I reached over for the chocolate peanut butter kiss Ms. Shirley had left on my desk. As I opened the foil wrapper, the kiss dropped under my desk. Being the frugal chocolate lover I am, I was going to "save" that kiss! I simply scooted my chair back to reach down and get it, only to find it was a little out of my reach.

In my mind I am still 25. In reality, I am 40+ and have a nagging, stiff shoulder. (Must I say again that in my mind I am still 25.) Bending down a little more, I reached further steadying myself on my stiff shoulder.

It happened so fast, I can't even tell you what happened! One moment I am in my chair- a "dignified" pastor's wife, working diligently at the church office.
The next moment, I am somehow
head down,
rear end up,
all under my desk -
still reaching for one itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny piece of chocolate.... that I might add was still NOT in my hand.

I was stuck! Not because I couldn't get out, but because I was laughing so hard, I couldn't move. But then, I wasn't leaving until I got the prize!

Ms. Shirley and Beth came running to see what was the matter, to find me under my desk giggling at my demise.

Age has its way of mocking me!
Agility is a thing of the past.
Stiff joints find me in the present
Clear vision is of yester years.
Blurred vision accompanies me constantly.
A slender figure is only seen in the photographs.
My jellied tummy bubble is all too visible when I look in the mirror.

Age has its way of mocking me!
I don't mind growing older. It just means I am one step closer to heaven. I don't even mind finding the hilarity in life. I want to rejoice in the days God has given me.

I find in my NIV Bible words for joy and rejoice. Joy seems to be a natural response to a state of being. Rejoice is something you choose to do.

So, I want my state of being to overflow with joy and my choices to result in rejoicing- regardless of my situation.

Maybe, just maybe in heaven I will be the dignified, reserved, and graceful woman I have always dreamed of being....

But in the meantime, I am fine knowing-

Age has its way of mocking me!

Have a joy filled day with rejoicing!

Monday, April 21, 2008


About 8 years ago I went to see my family physician. A few blood tests and an EKG later found me in an Emergency Room. Doctors were monitoring my condition for a possible heart attack. I was a little embarrassed at all the fuss. I just couldn't get the 10 ton elephant off of my chest.

Long story short, I was not having a heart attack, but rather a series of asthma attacks. The "elephant" turned out to be my inability to get enough air into my lungs and exhale properly.

To this day, I do everything possible to keep that "feeling" from returning.
  • I hold my breath while walking through smoke hazed doorways.
  • I avoid restaurants that allow patrons to smoke inside.
  • I refrain from the use of certain cleaning products in my home.
  • I stay away from dust and dirt.
  • I can't even use most popular scents and perfumes.

The ability to breathe freely and deeply is something I don't want to lose.

If you have sound on your computer, one of the first songs you will hear today as you log on to this blog is a song by Avalon, "You are My Oxygen".
The lyrics describe an intimate relationship with our Savior that gives breath to our very being. "I breathe You in. I breathe You out." Wow! I want the longing of my spirit to take in Jesus with every breath.
Oxygen. It is something we don't necessarily think about every second of the day- until we don't have it. Its very presence keeps us living and breathing. It is with us continually. It surrounds us.

I remember as a kid playing silly games in the pool with my sister. One of our favorites was to see who could hold their breath the longest. The secret to winning the game was to ignore the cry of your lungs screaming for air. It is so natural for our body to breathe, that refusing it the ability to do so is painfully unnatural.

Our spirit is the same way. With every second and every breath of our physical being, our spiritual man longs to breathe in Jesus, His presence, His Word, and His life.

Oxygen. I breathe You in. I breathe You out.

How many times have I forced the Oxygen out of my spiritual life and caused head spinning depravity in my spirit until my spirit man was lifeless?

Oxygen. I breathe You in. I breathe You out.

Oh, Jesus, You ARE my oxygen. Breathe the breath of Your Spirit into my life today! I breathe You in. I breathe You out!

I want to encourage you today to do everything within your power to keep the Breath of God flowing through your spirit man.
  • Avoid those things that hinder your ability to breathe deeply the Spirit of God.
  • Keep your spirit pure from the "smoke hazed" entry ways to sinful things.
  • Avoid places that pollute your spirit with the dirt and mire of the world.
  • Allow your home to be a fresh haven of purity rather than suffocating odors of carnality.
  • Stay away from the natural sins that are common place and expected.

Psalm 1:1,2 must be a guideline for our living.

"Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night." NIV

Breathe in the very presence of Christ today. Spend time in His Word.Worship Him in the beauty of His holiness. Simply adore Him. Savor the breath of His Presence. Relish in His goodness. Awe at His majesty. Wonder at His love. Be amazed at His grace.

He is our Oxygen. He is what life is about. Breathe Him in. Breathe Him out.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

A/G Party Time!

I just LOVE Saturdays! My family is all home together. We laugh. We act silly. We play games or go to movies. It is just a relaxing time of fun togetherness.

So, today on this Blann Family day, I invite you to go to a "family" party with us, an Assembly of God family party. Check out the other A/G party members and have a good time!

And when you are done with all your party stops, check out the official Assemblies of God website. It is an actual plethora of information and resources!

Party A/G style!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Just Ask!

Do you ever read something in the Bible and wonder "What on earth were they thinking!?"

As we have been reading through the Bible this year, I have been astonished at some of the decisions the kings of old made. Look at 1 Kings 15. You have Asa, the good king of Judah. It says in 11, "Asa did right in the eyes of the Lord, as did David his father (forefather)." AMP

Here was a man that even went against his own mother for the sake of God. He removed her from her place of power as the queen mother because she had an image of Asherah the goddess. He was passionate for God. It says in verse 14, "Yet Asa's heart was blameless with the Lord all of his days."

Here is where my questioning comes in. He was blameless before God, but when an enemy came and threatened his people, instead of calling upon the Name of God, he sought the protection of the king of Syria. In order to get this foreign king to side with him, he emptied the temple of the most high God of all of the articles of silver and gold.

Now, if I am going to serve God enough to go against my own mother, then I think I would bow my heart before God in the time of distress and ask HIM to protect me rather than a heathen king who can only do what mortal men can do.

As I have been pondering this thought, I began thinking about my own life and adversities I have faced.

I see a trend here.

I need some financial provisions.
Instead of calling on Jehovah Jireh, I swipe the plastic card for the items needed.

I need healing in my body.
Instead of crying out to Jehovah Rapha, I go to the nearest pharmacy and buy the cure in a bottle.

I need peace that passes all understanding.
Instead of leaning upon Jehovah Shalom, I call my friends and seek their comfort.

Do I need to go on and bare my shameful ways? Do you see the pattern here?

Now, I am not saying that all of this is wrong. King Asa is recorded as being blameless. But- Asa used up treasuries of his people instead having a David moment (A David moment is where we allow God to fight the impossible battle.)

How many times do we bankrupt ourselves instead of letting the King of the Universe step in and take care of our little problem? How many times do we "jump the gun" because we think God is taking too long?

So, what do you think would have happened if Asa would have simply said, "Living God of Your people. We need You. Will you please remember Your deeds of old and deliver Your people once again?:

So, what do you think will happen if you depend upon God in every situation and allow Him to show up and do His thing?

That is my prayer today. I want my first response to be that I turn to God - in everything! For the big things and for the little things. I want to trust Him with every breath I breathe.

Turn to Him and seek His face.
Just ask!

love you all!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

I love when the seasons begin to change. I love when winter turns into spring. I love when spring becomes summer. I enjoy the beginning of fall. I appreciate (notice - not love) the crisp cold of winter.

But my most favorite of all is when the bitterness of winter comes to an end, and the freshness of spring creeps up! I guess of all the four seasons, winter would have to be my least favorite. (I hate- absolutely HATE- to be cold!)

As we were driving back from beautiful Northwest Arkansas on Monday, Rusty wanted me to do some typing for him on the computer. I told him he had to wait until we were past the beauty of spring coming alive in the rolling hills.

I just couldn't miss out feasting my eyes on the cow dotted valleys and flower studded meadows. Then every once in a while I would see an old barn, complete with the worn paint and tattered windows. All of this was surrounded by the emerging fresh green of spring. I just loved it!!

On the other hand, there is my yard. ha! I do not have a green thumb, pink thumb, or brown thumb. - I think I am known in the plant world as "The Terminator" or better yet - "The Ultimate Grim Reaper". :) But, someone who lived in this house before me loved to plant things. Out of my kitchen window I have the pleasure of watching some annuals come alive every year. I would tell you what they are, but I have no clue. I do know that there is a tulip plant that a couple of weeks ago bloomed the most beautiful and brilliant red!

I have said all of that to get to this point:
Seasons come and seasons go.

With the changing of seasons come different expectations, different blooms, and different climates. We prepare for the different seasons by purchasing warmer or cooler clothing. We prepare our homes. We prepare our vehicles. We prepare our children.

Seasons come and seasons go.

Why then do the changing seasons in our lives find us so unprepared? God told us in His Word that "there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

I love when winter turns to spring, but my favorite season to enjoy is summer. I would love to live in the Florida Keys and enjoy the warm summer weather year round. How many of us would love to live in the blessings of God forever - enjoying the good times- the vacation mentality of life?

Seasons come and seasons go.

But the one thing that makes summer more enjoyable to me is the stark contrast from the bitter cold winter months (well, I know "bitter cold" is a relative term since I live in the south.:) ) We learn to love the warmth of summer because we were tired of the freezing cold of the winter. We learn to anticipate the vibrant colors of the fall foliage after the "greenness" of summer. The beauty of the white snow is refreshing after autumn's leaves have drifted away and left bare tree branches.

Contrast from one season to the next
brings an appreciation for what is coming.
Even in life~
we appreciate more the winds of change
after the routine of complacency or the turbulence of trials.

I am reminded of another verse - "He (a righteous man) is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers." Psalm 1:3

There is a season in which fruit will grow. All of the seasons are needed to produce the sweet fruit of the harvest. So, I encourage you today, regardless of what season of life you are facing, allow the grace of God to see you through. The harvest time is coming. All seasons work together to bring about the delicious fruit.

Stay planted firmly by the streams of water. Endure the seasons.
You will yield your fruit IN SEASON.
Your leaf will not wither. Whatever you do will prosper.
Psalm 1 is a psalm to live by! I encourage you today to read it, study it, and live by it. It tells us where not to walk, where not to go, where not to dwell. It encourages us about what to take delight in and what to meditate on.
Seasons come and seasons go!

I pray you enjoy your season of today as you anticipate the season of harvest for tomorrow!

blessings and prayers!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Light in the Darkness

The thick and suffocating darkness is so black it seems as if you can reach out and take hold of it in your hand. One minute it makes you feel cold and clammy, the next you are warm and sweaty. It is so dark there are no shadows lurking. Groping, you stumble, step after step wondering where you are going and what is the purpose of your existence.

Is this the way you are meant to live your life? Aimlessly wondering in the blackness, an existence void of all light?

You face outward, not looking, because that is irrelevant. In the distance you see a small flicker. Is it light? Finally, with some point of reference, you are drawn to that very faint trace of illumination. Your steps falter, but there is some purpose now. The blackness is still very real, but for the first time, that tiny light brings something you haven't felt before. An excited shiver curses through your being. Your steps hurry. Light! Will it bring the dread and confusion to a halt?

The closer you get, the more your eyes adjust. Shadows begin to dance before you. What joy! What fascination! Your purpose is more determined than ever. Suddenly, nothing else matters besides getting to that light and standing in its glow. What once seemed tiny and faint, becomes a brilliance that penetrates the blackest of dark. Your fascination becomes a consuming desire, a quest that will not be deterred. The now magnificent light draws you with a warmth and joyous embrace that engulfs your being!

Can you relate? This black, suffocating darkness describes the condition of our souls without our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His Light, His Being draws us and embraces us. Have you run to His Light? Have you swam in the brilliance of His presence?

Have we grown so accustomed to our Light filled world that we have forgotten the thickness of the dark? Or worse yet, have we desired "sleep" and turned out the Light and darkened our surroundings?

2 Corinthians 4:6 says in the NIV, "For God, who said, 'Let light shine out of darkness,' made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ."

He gave us the Light,
which allowed us to have knowledge
of the glory of God in the face of Christ.
This Light He gave in the midst
of the pitch darkness of our souls
so we might gain a realization
of the glory of God
through the face of Christ!
Once when I was struggling with finding my purpose and God's will for my life, I had a dream- a simple one, yet profound to my understanding.

In the dream I was walking on a very narrow, difficult and steep path. I was "dressed" up with garments I thought I needed, much like a toddler plays dress up in over sized clothes and accessories. My feet slipped in the high heels and I constantly tripped over the dress tails flowing around me. My steps though, were headed toward the brilliance of His presence. I knew where I was going and where I wanted to be. The closer I came to His presence the quicker my steps became! I began to realize that my "dress-up" clothes were slowing me down. My heart just wanted to be engulfed in His embrace. I began to run. I threw off the over sized hat, the silly beads, and the cumbersome dress. I kicked off the uncomfortable shoes. I was left with only the garment of my child-like faith. Once all of the burdensome distractions were cast aside, I was able to run with agility and ease to the wondrous illuminating Presence before me.
As I realized how close I was, I couldn't just run, I had to leap. And I did. I measured my steps and jumped into the vastness of His glorious Light! His presence engulfed me and embraced me! I was enveloped in the Light of His awesome love and peace!

I awakened to realize it was a dream in the physical, but it was oh, so real in the spiritual.

The Light of His presence draws me still.
I run.
I discard all pretension and distractions.
I run with haste and determination.
When I realize the nearness of His presence I leap and dive into His wondrous embrace!
How can mere words describe a love so luxurious, so vast and so encompassing?

A love like that can only be experienced to understand the depth of its purity. Paul says in Ephesians that we have to be endued with God's power to be able to even grasp its width and length and height and depth! He then goes on to say that Christ's love surpasses knowledge!
(Ephesians 3:17-19)

I pray right now in the Name of Jesus, that every reader of this blog today will have the power- the illumination of Christ Jesus, to be able to grasp the Love of God. So many, Lord, are hurting. So many are deceived. So many are groping in the thick of darkness. Illuminate the Truth of Your Word today Lord. May they see the flicker of Your Light. May they be drawn to the Light of the Glory of God in the Face of Christ!
I come against confusion, hindrances and distractions in the Name of Jesus through the power of His blood! I come against the deception of the enemy that is lying to my sisters. I pray that each lady is able to discern Truth in her situation right now! May they gain understanding of the snares of the enemy. May they discern the enemies evil tactics. Fill these dear ladies with the Hope of Your Word!
I pray these things according to Your will and in the Name of Jesus!

Ladies- run to the Light of His glorious grace today!

love you all,

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Over the River and Through the Town to Weekend Sales We Go!

My kids have been in desperate need of clothing. With faded t-shirts, torn blue jeans, and raggedy, frayed tops, they just looked a little sad.

Deciding that every one's poison ivy was healed enough to venture back into the world, Saturday was the big day to correct all of our fashion woes. I had planned on taking all three of them with me, but my man-child decided he would stay home with dad for a day of male bonding. You know- golf on TV, video games, throwing the football in the house while mom is gone, - all the stuff that gets bamboozled with a house full of girls.

So, we set out to the tune of - "Over the river and through the town, to weekend sales we go!" Our destination: the Big Mall!

Now you have to understand that shopping with these two girls is a balancing act. One is the beautiful Fashion Diva, aka Miss Prissy Pants. The oldest is the gorgeous Athletic Wonder, aka Ms. Sports- Don't-Make-Me-Wear-Bling- Goddess. Choosing which store to enter first requires discernment and navigational finesse. Immediately following that decision I must cautiously gauge all temperaments to know the duration of each retail pit stop.

I decided that the Fashion Diva would go first. She gets a little excited when she sees the Hannah Montana merchandise and anything else bling or hip. Other shoppers were quite tickled at her dramatic, "I just HAVE to HAVE THAT" announcements. Ms. Sports Champion and I helped her choose sensibly her new items. We left that store with the correct amount of hip, bling and frill.

Next, we went to the non-bling store. This was a fun challenge because she has left the world of little girls' departments behind, and headed to the young misses departments. (Boo-hooo! My baby is growing up!) We had no idea what size she would wear. So, we loaded the buggy up. The practical and unassuming child that she is, kept wondering how much it would all cost. I knew that we couldn't possibly have all the right sizes, so I just let her pile it up. It was a delight to watch her find her taste in clothing. No longer were there all sports related t-shirts in the buggy. She piled in more teen looking jeans, blouses, and stuff. Of course, mom was right, and not everything fit, so we ended up with two or three cool outfits. ( That I must add were very much on sale! Hallelujah! cha-ching!)

But, I think the highlight of the day was our silly time in the car- going over the river and through the town. At one point, somewhere after the cheeseburgers, chocolate shakes, and french fries, we got so tickled we couldn't stop laughing. Then we couldn't remember why we were laughing so we started laughing again!

In those moments of sheer hilarity, the sibling rivalry is gone, the mom factors of "clean your room, pick up your shoes", etc have gone and all is live, love and laugh! It is in those moments that I think, "I don't want this to ever end!" I look over at their silly faces, their beautiful smiles. I hear their cackling laughter. I am in maternal bliss! I am delighting in the moment!

It has been well over 24 hours since then. I can still see their beautiful smiling faces. I can hear very clearly their happy voices. It is a freeze frame moment in time that I will treasure forever!

I love to have fun with my kids and to see them happy.

If I, being of sinful nature, love to have fun with my kids and to see them happy, then how much more does my Father in heaven love to have fun with us and to see us happy?

Have you had fun with God lately? Have you just enjoyed laughing in His presence? Have you just let yourself "go over the river and through the town" - get out of your normal routine- and just have fun?
I could really go on here about us all needing "new clothes" from time to time. (Get a new garment of praise and throw away the spirit of heaviness.)

Go ahead. Have a fun day with God. Trade in the old ragged clothes for God's designer wear! You don't even have to look at the price tags!

But don't stop there: pick up your coat of righteousness, your belt of truth. Don't forget the shoes! The devil may wear prada- but you can wear peace! Need I go on?! :)

Have a blessed day!
love you all!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Uniquely Different

My kids have been home from school the last couple of days with miserable cases of poison ivy. (Angelia! - Did your kids get into it also!? - If so, I am sooo sorry!) My son's is the worse with blisters on his face, neck and most of his arms. Ugh! I am compassionate and sympathetic for the most part from a distance. :)

My early bird baby, gets to the tv before the other two. This morning I came into the family room to see Winnie the Pooh on.

Tigger was bouncing excitedly.
Eeyore was not realizing his own potential and abilities.
Piglet was a little fearful but always kind and considerate.
Rabbit was bossing but getting lots of stuff done.
And Pooh, well Pooh, was just being Pooh.

Why do I notice that? Because I have been looking over my last several posts and I think that if a reader does not know me they might think that I am an Eeyore or maybe even a Piglet personality.

Actually, I am a Tigger , but lately my heart has been so burdened for friends and family that are experiencing the tough times life has to offer. I think, even in the midst of grief and sorrow we need to have a good belly laugh, though.

So, just to get every one to smile today - let's laugh at ourselves!
Here's what I need you to do. I am going to put some questions down, and I need you to respond in the comment form - as honestly as possible. :) Let us see the real Unique You!

1) Who do you most resemble? Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Rabbit, or Pooh

2) Can you give us an example of how you resemble that character?

3) Who do you wish you were more like? Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Rabbit, or Pooh

4) What is your most embarrassing moment?

5) What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

6) What makes you laugh (a good belly laugh) the most?

7) If you have a spouse, which character are they?

8) If you are single, which character do you want them to be? :)

Okay - here are my answers:

1) As I said, I am a Tigger.

2) Well, the Tigger part is easy. I get excited and jump up and down and squeal! I love to have fun and have to make myself get serious and down to business. I am also, probably the world's biggest klutz!

3) Well, I need to work on my planning abilities like Rabbit. The only aspect I have of Rabbits is that I can sure voice opinion to tell other's what they need to do. :) I need the motivation in my planning- but would like the tact and kindness of Pooh and Piglet. :)

4) Someone please tell me why I asked this question?!!!! My most embarrassing moment- well, let's see, which ones do I sort out first. Yes, my friend, there are numerous ones! Okay, umm, when I was in high school and walking to work on a beautiful spring day in my new white pants and shirt. I left the school parking lot, cut across the ditch for a short cut, and slipped - well, fell face first is a little more accurate- into the ditch - in front of God and the whole student body. Or was my most embarrassing moment when I worked at a bank in Searcy? I was the account representative for our customers who had "multiple cds" = "lots of moo la". One of our "best" customers came to my window. Sitting on my stool, I leaned over to exchange his currency, and the next thing I know, I am face first in the floor. How do you recover from either one of these with dignity?? You don't! You just have to face the fact that graceful- you are not! :)

5) The craziest thing I have ever done ..... Again - this is in my way younger years... Had a Chinese fire drill - without putting the car in park- having to chase my parent's car down the road.... (Mom and Dad, I have told you about this haven't I?)

6) I get a good belly laugh from the crazy things my family does. Sometimes it's the individual moments you don't always remember, but the single unexpected hilarious antic erupts into deep, heartfelt laughter!

7) My sweet wonderful spouse is a mixture of Rabbit, Eeyore, and Pooh. My spouse is just about as perfect as they come! He is in charge when he needs to be. He is unassuming like Eeyore (not negative though)- he has so many wonderful qualities that sometimes he just doesn't see in himself. He is steady and encouraging like Pooh.

To bring all of this to a spiritual thought:

God made each of us uniquely different. Everyone has a different personality combination, a spiritual gift, and unique passions and experiences. God did not make any mistakes. He made each person a certain way for a purpose!
I used to wish I didn't get so hyper in front of people. I wanted to be calm, cool, and collected like my husband. One time after a bout of nervous, hyper activity, I was chiding myself for being so "excitable". My husband in his matter of fact way told me that if I had not been such a "hyper" personality, we probably would not be married. Whew! Talk about changing my tune! I decided that the way God made me was just fine. I just need to learn to be a little mature about it and accept who I am!

I think we all need to do that. Maximize our strengths. Minimize our weaknesses. Enjoy who God made you to be!

Psalm 139:13 says: "For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother's womb." NIV

God created us in our inmost being. He placed your personality inside of you. Now, we are still responsible to develop the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives - to overcome the weakness of each personality. But God gave us a joyful personality or a cautious personality or a steady one. He knows you and knows what you are capable of through Him! When we allow Him to work in our lives - maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses- the end result is something that brings glory to His Name!

Psalm 138:8 says: "The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever- do not abandon the works of your hands." NIV

So, be sure to ask God to work in your life to fulfill HIS purpose for you. That means giving up control and allowing Him to direct our steps - everyday. Allowing the Lord to fulfill His purpose in us means allowing Him to use the UNIQUE DIFFERENCE in each of our lives for His Glory!

Just imagine - a world full of Christians that allow God to fulfill His purpose for them in their lives! Wow! I think it would be a different world- how about you?

I hope you have a great weekend! Be sure to find a place of worship on Sunday!


Out of My Treasure Box:

Personality Plus by Florence Littauer
and any of her personality books that can be found at her website.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My fingers have sat motionless on the keyboard. I didn't know which direction to take my blog this morning.

Lord, who are You wanting to speak to this morning?
Is it the woman whose daughter is struggling with an eating disorder?
Is it the one whose marriage is crumbling before her eyes?
Is it the one whose son is bound by the stronghold of homosexuality?
Lord, is it the one who just received word that her husband is terminally ill?
Or, the one who is watching her infant child struggle for each breath in a NICU unit?

O, God in heaven! Please hear our prayers!
These are real women with very real needs. They need the Omnipotent God to speak His Word - His victorious Word to their situation!

I wait for You to direct and guide. I just don't know Lord! There are so many needs, so many people who need a fresh Word from You!

I find my favorite Bible. My mind is thinking of a passage in Psalms and another in Isaiah. I open the sweet pages and my eye falls to an underlined passage I haven't read in a while.

The chapter opens with:
"Lord, I have heard of your fame;
I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord.
Renew them in our day, in our time make them known;
in wrath remember mercy." ~ Habakkuk 3:2 NIV

Well, that is where we are Lord. Some people know You can do great things. They know you are a great God, but have they seen Your power in their lives, in their situations?

Oh, my God in heaven! Renew Your great deeds in our day~ today, Lord!

The chapter goes on to tell of some of the great things God has done- how Mighty- how Awesome He is!
The part my eyes fell upon was this:
"Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines,
though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food,
though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls,

YET I will rejoice in the Lord,
I will be joyful in God my Savior.
The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
He makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
He enables me to go on the heights."
Habakkuk 3:17-19 NIV

YET, I will rejoice in the Lord.

Even though.
In the midst of.
While enduring.

I may not see any changes. I may not feel any different. I may see even more depravity.
Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord.

My heart's prayer is that our Lord will renew His great deeds in all of these situations.
Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord. I will be joyful in God my Savior! The Sovereign Lord is my strength!

Sovereign - according to Webster- one who exercises supreme authority, one who is unlimited, excellent, and most powerful.

He is Sovereign to me means, He does (because He can) what He wants, and what He wants is what is best for all situations.

Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord.
Yet, I will rejoice (while I trust) in the Lord.

How is your Yet?

Trust Him! You won't be disappointed!

I proclaim life, blessing, deliverance, healing, peace and restoration through the power of the blood of Jesus applied to your situation right now!
The power of His Word is strong enough to fulfill the promises of His Word.

God is greater than ANYTHING!

Ephesians 3:20 (read it in the KJV!)

blessings and prayers!
love you all,

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Purity and Innocence

I was watching my daughter at her softball practice with the other bleacher moms. One of the other players had a four year old sister watching the practice with her mom. The young girl was having a blast jumping and running.

Her mom did something that tickled the pre-schooler. Her laughter came in ripples and joy filled giggles. The smile on her face reflected the happiness in her heart. She is an innocent and joy filled child.
Her laughter was like that of most children.

Have you ever thought about the laughter of children? Have you ever noticed that it makes you smile from the inside out?

Why is that?
Because it is from a pure heart!
I love to watch kids have a good time. Their giggles and laughter make me smile.
If it makes me smile, how much more does their laughter please our Father in heaven?

Sometimes as adults, I think we laugh at the wrong things. Things that are not
adorable or

We taint the laughter with selfish remarks, crude thoughts and even lewd descriptions.
That has to make our Father in heaven sad.

But why do we have to let the maturity of life bring us dirt and mire of the sinful nature?
Because we "know" more about things, does that mean we have to lose that purity that makes our Father in heaven smile?

I don't think so. I think we can maintain a purity along with maturity.
Words that can describe things we adults laugh at.

Philippians 4:8 NIV
"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things."

Hmmmmm. I guess God gave us instructions for everything, huh? I would say that we get that purity from what we think about or dwell on.
Oh, God, please give me a pure heart. Cleanse from me the dirt and mire of the carnal nature and from this world! Make my heart innocent again. May my laughter make you smile from the inside out.
On our way to school this morning, my girls and I prayed for God to cleanse our hearts just like the rain cleanses the air. We prayed for Him to give us a new heart - a pure heart. We prayed for the rain of His presence to make us clean from all the sin and carnal nature.
My girls' heads were bowed. I saw their lips moving in earnest and contrite prayer.
God heard them.
He heard me.
A pure heart.
An innocent giggle.
A proud Father's smile.
Psalm 51:10
"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."
My quote for the day:
Purity and innocence does not disappear with the absence of youth. Purity and innocence disappears with the absence of His presence and His Word.
I pray you all have a day filled with laughter, giggles and an innocent heart!
love you all!
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Blessings of a Broken heart

He heard the ceramic plate as it met the cold, hard surface of the floor. The crash startled him. He ran to her side to check on her. She was fine she reassured him.
Fine on the outside.

What he didn't hear was the sound of her heart breaking in two- the crushing of all her emotions as they nearly suffocated her.

Why, God?!!! Why again?!!!

Each month, as the realization hit her, that life was not in her womb, her heart ripped a little more. The once happy desire for a child, was now turning into a dark despair that threatened her every breath. Her heart was broken in two. It didn't seem to matter that her husband loved her with his every breath. She could not have the one thing she desired the most.

The longing for a child was consuming her.

She had a broken heart, and no one could put it back together again.

So, she thought.......................

Psalm 34:18
"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."
I read the verse. My heart quickened. My breathing became short and shallow. It was if God was in the very room with me. He whispered hope in my ear.
Because I was brokenhearted, He was close.

I closed my eyes.
He whispered His presence into my soul.
"I am close."
"I am here," He said.

The light of His presence illuminated the very pit of despair that had become so familiar! Hope and peace burst through my self-pity.
Suddenly, I desired something different. I desired His presence. That was what I wanted more than anything!

More than anything, I longed for His presence, His nearness, His closeness.

Yes, I still desired and longed for a baby to cradle in my embrace, but as of that moment, when He came near, I was able to trust in Him and His timing.


Such a simple word, yet so hard to achieve. Why had it taken me so long to get to the point of trusting Him? Was it not possible to trust Him before? Or had I just been too consumed with what I wanted?

As He whispered His nearness into my heart, I came to a fresh realization that gripped me with fear! I would have to put my desire for a baby from my womb at His feet.
Could I do that?
Could I give up the one desire that I had held for so long?
Would I?
Would I trust Him with my whole heart?
Again, He whispered His nearness into my heart. I was brokenhearted, but because of that He was near!
His presence meant healing!
His presence meant restoration!

Slowly, as the shadows of time moved forward and as the pages on the calendar fell to the floor, I let go of my longing, my desire. It was as if I was giving up my hope for a baby at the same time, but if He wanted that longing, that desire, then I must freely give it to Him.

I gave, not out of a broken heart, but out of a trusting heart. The trust didn't appear instantly. Each day I learned a little more how to trust Him. Each day brought a new way to release that desire from my clenched hand.


I had to be willing let go of everything. I had to be willing to not ever have a child. I had to be willing to be barren - forever - if that is what He wanted.

I trusted.
I praised.
I thanked Him for being God - regardless of my situation.

Was I a spiritual saint? No way!
I just wanted Him more than I wanted anything else.

Allowing Him to have the final say so, regardless of what I think.

Psalm 37:4
"Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

(I liked the last part of that verse! Then I read this:)
Psalm 103:5
He - God in heaven -
"who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's."

Regardless, He would satisfy my desire with something good.
I trusted.
I still trust.
Did I ever doubt?
You bet!
Do I still doubt?
Sad to say, but yes.
Do I trust?
You bet!

What about you?
What are you holding in your clenched fist? What is it that you don't want to let go of?

Is your heart broken?
Let Him draw near to you.

Let Him whisper His closeness in your heart.

Let Him satisfy your desires with good things.
He will give you the blessings of a broken heart.
Love you all!


Monday, April 7, 2008

The Joy of Fellowship!

Ok. Today my heart is so full, I could still just shout, jump, and dance!!!!

We hosted the very first Ladies Weekend at our church- and it was wonderful! I told the ladies that I just wanted a time where we were able to worship and fellowship together without the demands of our busy lives pulling on us.

The presence of God was so real! Hearts and lives were touched and women were refreshed! We also had a blast!!!!

I laughed. I cried. I hugged. I worshiped. I prayed. I interceded.

I don't think words can express all things that happened this weekend. It wasn't just another "Ladies Retreat". It wasn't just another conference. It was the beginning of the joy of fellowship that happens when sisters in the Lord come together in the spirit of unity.

The New Testament Greek word for that spirit of unity and fellowship is koininia. It means intimate fellowship and communion. We had that this weekend!

I am so thankful to God in heaven who has blessed us and allowed us to have this special weekend! But if you are in the area and you missed it! = We are having it again!

Thank you Beloved Mama for your prayers!
Thank you Angelia Carpenter for ministering the Word so powerfully!~ and for being a GREAT State WM Director and precious friend!
Thank you to each of our pastors' wives for being wonderful and awesome always, and in your sessions!
Thank you Karate Woman for sharing your humor!
Thank you God in heaven for meeting us at our point of need! You, Father, are able to do - exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could even ask or think!

Hallelujah and Amen!

Have a wonderful day!
blessings and prayers!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Truth or Consequences!

Okay. I just received an email from a friend of mine. The email had a youtube link on it. I watched it. I could not believe my eyes and ears!!!!

My wonderful, smart and discerning husband has telling me this was happening and about to happen. I believed him, but it did not stir me to action until I saw and heard it.

Just watch.
Well, I am not smart enough to download the video like all those other smart people do, but I can give you a link!
Click here to watch. (Please understand that just because I sent a link to this youtube page does not mean I agree with everything on this page. I just want you to see this video and draw your on conclusions based on the Truth of God's Word.- We must always judge EVERYTHING by God's infallible Word.)

I cannot verify the authenticity of the numbers. I cannot verify anything other than what you see and hear. These are parts of a real show - supporting humanism and New Age Doctrine. Do your friends and family watch this? Are they falling into the trap of deception by the enemy?

Now, before you go saying, "Oh, that is just silly!" Understand, she is propagating false doctrine on her talk show. Just go to this link.

I believe that as a Christian I have a responsibility to share the Truth and expose lies of the enemy when I see them.

Jesus said,
"I am THE Way,
and THE Truth,
and THE Life.
No one comes to the Father except through me."
John 14:6

Bottom line. That's it. No discussion. Jesus said it. That settles it. I believe it. And you should to! :) - for your eternal soul's sake.

The consequences of believing the lie are too great. Seek Truth will all of your heart!

I love you all!
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Holy is the Lord!

Have you ever had one of those days when your heart is just full? I feel like a my cup is overflowing with the goodness of God! His grace! His mercy! His unfailing love! Oh, my!

As I was praying this morning, I was once again humbled in His presence. I had the music from this blog playing and Karen Wheaton's song, "Lord You're Holy" came on. It was as if His presence filled the room! I began meditating on His Holiness and went to Isaiah 6.

His Holiness. Think about it! When we look at His Holiness, we see much more clearly how sinful we are. All the muck and mire of our lives start screaming to leave. Even our "righteousness" pales- for our "righteousness is as filthy rags".

We serve a Holy God. How then do we reason away His standards and live beneath His expectations for us? I am not in any way, shape, form or fashion preaching legalism. I am talking about consecration and sanctification. We must be set apart for His use. Consecrated and cleansed for His service.

Can we do this on our own! No way! It is only through the precious blood of Jesus that we can even think about approaching the Holy throne of God. But it is also because of His precious blood that we can wash away all of the filth of our sinful nature. We read His Word and are washed!

God dropped chorus in my heart when I was expecting my Mackenzie. A friend did an arrangement for it and got it copywrited. The words are:
I worship You in the beauty of Your Holiness.
I want to lift Your Name to heights unknown.
Holy is Your Name.
Holy are You, Lord.
I worship You in the beauty of Your Holiness.
I worship You in the beauty of Your Holiness.
Psalms 29:2
His Holiness is beautiful! His Holiness is:
"Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory."
Ask Him today for a glimpse of His Holiness. Seek Him with your whole heart and you will find Him. Allow His spirit to convict you, His blood to atone you and His Word to cleanse you!
And respond with, "Here am I. Send me!"
love you all!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I cannot imagine how thunderous the shouts and cheers must have been the day David defeated Goliath! I cannot imagine how glad, but also dismayed, Saul must have been.

For days the enemy had been taunting God's army. For days, God's army sat cowering in fear. They were "dismayed and terrified". For days, I think God was in heaven saying, "Will somebody go already!!!?? What on earth are you waiting for?!!"
David, a young sheep herder, arrives bearing grain and bread for his big brothers (the first mention of "fast food" in the Bible?). As he is greeting his brothers, the "Philistine champion from Gath"- Goliath, appears and shouts his defiance. The army of God who had lined up for battle at the shout of the war cry, dispersed in great fear. They ran away! Again, God must have been in heaven: "For crying out loud! You bunch of ninnies!" :) (well, He could have!)
All of the men in the army of God had been given the same opportunity. Actually, all had been given more opportunities than David to defeat the Philistine giant. They had 40 days more than David to become the hero for God's people. Saul had been given 40 days in which to defeat Goliath through the power of the God of the armies of Israel.
Do you really think that if one of David's brothers had trusted in the God of Abraham to deliver the giant into his hand that God would have said, "Nope. Not today, buddy. I'm waiting on little David. So, I'll just let all of you people die until the McIsraelite gets here."

No. God honors those who put their trust in Him.

It's just that David seemed to be the only one around to put his trust in the God of deliverance- God Almighty.
Here is my opinion. (drum roll please......)

Heroes aren't born. Heroes are made in the crucible of conflict and choice.
Ooooooh..... I just made a deep statement! (I'm sure someone else has said it a thousand times, but I just happened upon this revelation tonight. Okay?)

I believe we all have choices to fulfill our destiny. It is said of David in Acts 13 that "David served God's purpose in his own generation". God had a purpose for that generation. A purpose that resulted from conflict. David chose to help resolve that conflict according to God's plan for His people.

So, I want to be a super hero! Naw, not the kind that puts on a little red cape and a golden belt - but I will take the breastplate of righteousness and the belt of truth (and the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, shoes of the gospel of peace and the sword of the Spirit).

I choose to walk into battles that only God Almighty can win. I choose to live an extraordinary life! I choose to fulfill God's purpose for my generation! I say this not because I am anything special. Far from it. Just little ol' Dorinda with her m&m, diet coke loving self - who happens to serve a great big AWESOME and wonderful God.

I choose to trust in God. I choose to fight the battle against the giants in my life and the lives of my family and friends. I choose to not run in fear when the giant laughs in my face. I choose to stand in the battle field with my God behind me. I choose to allow my God to guide my hand.

I choose to trust in God.

How about you?

Think about it.

love you all,