Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Noni's China Journals #1

(Several weeks ago I began my posts on The Beauty of Adoption and my memories of our trip to China to get Mia. I decided to wait and finish these posts until now to lead up until our wonderful Gotcha Day on May 9th. If you haven't read my other two posts regarding our adoption, please do so first.)

A year ago today I had so many mixed feelings.

Excitement~ of traveling to the other side of the world
Dread ~ of leaving 3 of my children and husband at home
Anticipation~ for holding my new granddaughter
Fear~ traveling to China without my husband, my protector and best friend
Worry~ about all the details of traveling abroad
Peace~ this trip was right and for the most wonderful purpose!

I had so much to do to get ready for my long trip to the other side of the world. Not only did I need to pack for myself for a 20 day trip, but I wanted to make sure I had everything at home in order for my husband who was about to find out what being a taxicab mom was all about.

I must admit that I relished the thought (just a little) of my husband waking the kids, feeding the kids, making sure they looked presentable, getting them to the different schools, picking them up, making sure homework was done, getting them dressed for ball practices, getting them to practice and games (all 3 playing), feeding them, cleaning up after them, and doing the laundry.... and that is just a starter list. [This is where you see a picture of my with little horns on my head and a huge grin on my face.]

In my wildest dreams I had no idea of what to expect in China~ other than we were going to bring home our precious Mia, the baby we had all prayed for, for so long.

[Those of you who know me and know Rusty are aware of the sacrifice my husband made for me to go on this trip with Glenda and her family. He is the ultimate protector as a husband. I believe with all of my heart, Rusty is the exact image of what God had in mind for a godly husband. He is such a perfect fit for me because I definitely need a keeper. ha! I need someone to make sure I don't lose my keys or my driver's license. I need someone ~ Rusty~ to make sure I get where I am supposed to be, etc, etc. If he asked me once, he asked me a thousand times, "Do you know where your passport is? Do you know what to do if.....? Or what about.....?" ]

A year ago I made last minute visits to the schools, checked and re-checked every one's schedules. Tomorrow I would finish my final packing.

My thoughts were filled with questions about China: what would the food be like, what would our hotels be like, what would the people be like, and what would Mia be like?

I kissed my husband and kids a little more. I stole as many hugs as I could. I wrote them little "love notes". I bought my mother's Mother's Day present and card. I checked each "to do" item off of the list that had been growing for the past month.

One more day and I would board a plane to the other side of the world ~ without my husband~ but with my oldest daughter and her growing family!

China was closer than it had ever been!


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