Sunday, April 13, 2008

Over the River and Through the Town to Weekend Sales We Go!

My kids have been in desperate need of clothing. With faded t-shirts, torn blue jeans, and raggedy, frayed tops, they just looked a little sad.

Deciding that every one's poison ivy was healed enough to venture back into the world, Saturday was the big day to correct all of our fashion woes. I had planned on taking all three of them with me, but my man-child decided he would stay home with dad for a day of male bonding. You know- golf on TV, video games, throwing the football in the house while mom is gone, - all the stuff that gets bamboozled with a house full of girls.

So, we set out to the tune of - "Over the river and through the town, to weekend sales we go!" Our destination: the Big Mall!

Now you have to understand that shopping with these two girls is a balancing act. One is the beautiful Fashion Diva, aka Miss Prissy Pants. The oldest is the gorgeous Athletic Wonder, aka Ms. Sports- Don't-Make-Me-Wear-Bling- Goddess. Choosing which store to enter first requires discernment and navigational finesse. Immediately following that decision I must cautiously gauge all temperaments to know the duration of each retail pit stop.

I decided that the Fashion Diva would go first. She gets a little excited when she sees the Hannah Montana merchandise and anything else bling or hip. Other shoppers were quite tickled at her dramatic, "I just HAVE to HAVE THAT" announcements. Ms. Sports Champion and I helped her choose sensibly her new items. We left that store with the correct amount of hip, bling and frill.

Next, we went to the non-bling store. This was a fun challenge because she has left the world of little girls' departments behind, and headed to the young misses departments. (Boo-hooo! My baby is growing up!) We had no idea what size she would wear. So, we loaded the buggy up. The practical and unassuming child that she is, kept wondering how much it would all cost. I knew that we couldn't possibly have all the right sizes, so I just let her pile it up. It was a delight to watch her find her taste in clothing. No longer were there all sports related t-shirts in the buggy. She piled in more teen looking jeans, blouses, and stuff. Of course, mom was right, and not everything fit, so we ended up with two or three cool outfits. ( That I must add were very much on sale! Hallelujah! cha-ching!)

But, I think the highlight of the day was our silly time in the car- going over the river and through the town. At one point, somewhere after the cheeseburgers, chocolate shakes, and french fries, we got so tickled we couldn't stop laughing. Then we couldn't remember why we were laughing so we started laughing again!

In those moments of sheer hilarity, the sibling rivalry is gone, the mom factors of "clean your room, pick up your shoes", etc have gone and all is live, love and laugh! It is in those moments that I think, "I don't want this to ever end!" I look over at their silly faces, their beautiful smiles. I hear their cackling laughter. I am in maternal bliss! I am delighting in the moment!

It has been well over 24 hours since then. I can still see their beautiful smiling faces. I can hear very clearly their happy voices. It is a freeze frame moment in time that I will treasure forever!

I love to have fun with my kids and to see them happy.

If I, being of sinful nature, love to have fun with my kids and to see them happy, then how much more does my Father in heaven love to have fun with us and to see us happy?

Have you had fun with God lately? Have you just enjoyed laughing in His presence? Have you just let yourself "go over the river and through the town" - get out of your normal routine- and just have fun?
I could really go on here about us all needing "new clothes" from time to time. (Get a new garment of praise and throw away the spirit of heaviness.)

Go ahead. Have a fun day with God. Trade in the old ragged clothes for God's designer wear! You don't even have to look at the price tags!

But don't stop there: pick up your coat of righteousness, your belt of truth. Don't forget the shoes! The devil may wear prada- but you can wear peace! Need I go on?! :)

Have a blessed day!
love you all!



Pastor Rusty said...

Once again, a great word of encouragement. My aim today is to have fun with God, to enjoy His presence, and His blessing of a new day! I love you!


Mary Beth said...

I love this. I am speaking at a Ladies Retreat in two weeks and the them is "taking care of me". This would be a great point. Can I use it... and give you the kudos... and promote your blog... my wonderful FRIEND????

BTW... I would have NEVER guessed you were a Tigger!!!! LOL LOL LOL! Especially after 2 years in the dorm with you!!!!

Jennifer said...

Good stuff! Thanks for reminding me that life doesn't always have to be so serious.


Jennifer said...

Good stuff! Thanks for reminding me that life doesn't always have to be so serious.


Tina Barton said...

This brings back so many memories of me and my girls going shopping. We've had so many of these fun trips and I miss that terribly since Courtney has gotten married. Kasey and I have our silly trips together still.
I never really thought about having "fun" with God before, but it makes perfect sense that he as our father wants to have those special times with us as well.
I SO enjoy your blogs and look forward to them each day!


fritzwoman said...

this reminds me of shopping with mari ..she would always say "ooooo momma look" i told her that was an ancient shopping tribe ... i knew i was about to buy something when she said that ....good memories