Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Light in the Darkness

The thick and suffocating darkness is so black it seems as if you can reach out and take hold of it in your hand. One minute it makes you feel cold and clammy, the next you are warm and sweaty. It is so dark there are no shadows lurking. Groping, you stumble, step after step wondering where you are going and what is the purpose of your existence.

Is this the way you are meant to live your life? Aimlessly wondering in the blackness, an existence void of all light?

You face outward, not looking, because that is irrelevant. In the distance you see a small flicker. Is it light? Finally, with some point of reference, you are drawn to that very faint trace of illumination. Your steps falter, but there is some purpose now. The blackness is still very real, but for the first time, that tiny light brings something you haven't felt before. An excited shiver curses through your being. Your steps hurry. Light! Will it bring the dread and confusion to a halt?

The closer you get, the more your eyes adjust. Shadows begin to dance before you. What joy! What fascination! Your purpose is more determined than ever. Suddenly, nothing else matters besides getting to that light and standing in its glow. What once seemed tiny and faint, becomes a brilliance that penetrates the blackest of dark. Your fascination becomes a consuming desire, a quest that will not be deterred. The now magnificent light draws you with a warmth and joyous embrace that engulfs your being!

Can you relate? This black, suffocating darkness describes the condition of our souls without our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His Light, His Being draws us and embraces us. Have you run to His Light? Have you swam in the brilliance of His presence?

Have we grown so accustomed to our Light filled world that we have forgotten the thickness of the dark? Or worse yet, have we desired "sleep" and turned out the Light and darkened our surroundings?

2 Corinthians 4:6 says in the NIV, "For God, who said, 'Let light shine out of darkness,' made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ."

He gave us the Light,
which allowed us to have knowledge
of the glory of God in the face of Christ.
This Light He gave in the midst
of the pitch darkness of our souls
so we might gain a realization
of the glory of God
through the face of Christ!
Once when I was struggling with finding my purpose and God's will for my life, I had a dream- a simple one, yet profound to my understanding.

In the dream I was walking on a very narrow, difficult and steep path. I was "dressed" up with garments I thought I needed, much like a toddler plays dress up in over sized clothes and accessories. My feet slipped in the high heels and I constantly tripped over the dress tails flowing around me. My steps though, were headed toward the brilliance of His presence. I knew where I was going and where I wanted to be. The closer I came to His presence the quicker my steps became! I began to realize that my "dress-up" clothes were slowing me down. My heart just wanted to be engulfed in His embrace. I began to run. I threw off the over sized hat, the silly beads, and the cumbersome dress. I kicked off the uncomfortable shoes. I was left with only the garment of my child-like faith. Once all of the burdensome distractions were cast aside, I was able to run with agility and ease to the wondrous illuminating Presence before me.
As I realized how close I was, I couldn't just run, I had to leap. And I did. I measured my steps and jumped into the vastness of His glorious Light! His presence engulfed me and embraced me! I was enveloped in the Light of His awesome love and peace!

I awakened to realize it was a dream in the physical, but it was oh, so real in the spiritual.

The Light of His presence draws me still.
I run.
I discard all pretension and distractions.
I run with haste and determination.
When I realize the nearness of His presence I leap and dive into His wondrous embrace!
How can mere words describe a love so luxurious, so vast and so encompassing?

A love like that can only be experienced to understand the depth of its purity. Paul says in Ephesians that we have to be endued with God's power to be able to even grasp its width and length and height and depth! He then goes on to say that Christ's love surpasses knowledge!
(Ephesians 3:17-19)

I pray right now in the Name of Jesus, that every reader of this blog today will have the power- the illumination of Christ Jesus, to be able to grasp the Love of God. So many, Lord, are hurting. So many are deceived. So many are groping in the thick of darkness. Illuminate the Truth of Your Word today Lord. May they see the flicker of Your Light. May they be drawn to the Light of the Glory of God in the Face of Christ!
I come against confusion, hindrances and distractions in the Name of Jesus through the power of His blood! I come against the deception of the enemy that is lying to my sisters. I pray that each lady is able to discern Truth in her situation right now! May they gain understanding of the snares of the enemy. May they discern the enemies evil tactics. Fill these dear ladies with the Hope of Your Word!
I pray these things according to Your will and in the Name of Jesus!

Ladies- run to the Light of His glorious grace today!

love you all,

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Jennifer said...

Good stuff! I needed that today!!
You are an awesome writer...I can see the picture as I read...great job.