Friday, April 25, 2008

Last on Marketplace Christianity

Ok. I have to hurry and there are like a thousand posts running through my head. Do I go ahead and write my last piece on Marketplace Christianity or do I share with you the account of the lawn guy and the dirty dishes in the back-yard?

(Say whaaaaattt??) :)

I think you will have to wait the humorous details on that story.

Back to Marketplace Christianity.

I have picture I want you to get in your mind and I am not so sure I have the time to "take" you there. When I say marketplace, I am thinking of the hub of community activity. I am thinking of the place where one goes to find someone they haven't seen in a while. It would be the epi-center of commerce. I guess in our post-modern society I am thinking of, none other than~

Wal-Mart or Target~

or the local grocery store.

The marketplace.
Where one goes to do business, yet also will cement some relationships in the process.

You have all seen it. The two ladies catching up on the latest gossip at the end of the produce aisle, or the two gentlemen discussing the best lawn care products in the gardening section.
In the middle of the hustle and bustle of frantic shopping trips, the leisure side of relationship 101 can be seen on any given aisle.

What does all of that have to with Marketplace Christianity?
Simply said our Christianity should affect every aspect of our lives.
Our Christianity should affect our conversation in the produce aisle.
Our Christianity should affect our discussion of lawn care products.
Our Christianity should determine our decisions, our actions, our speech, our attitudes and please don't forget our reactions.

Being a Christian is not just about what we "don't" do.
Being a Christian is not just about what we "don't" say.
Being a Christian is just as much about our REACTIONS.

We should also have Christ-like reactions to~
and many more relevant issues that sometimes we choose NOT to react to.

Hmmmmmmm. Oh, how I wish I could go on. The soap box is calling my name to come stand awhile, but I must leave you with these thoughts and one question.

"What Christ-like reactions do we have to the items mentioned above?"

ok- I need to go!

love you all!

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Anonymous said...

I like these Marketplace posts. I know the days that I pray to "keep in step with the Spirit", I end up behaving in a way that blesses others: whether with a kind word, a smile, a word of knowledge or wisdom, or a question to show interest. Sometimes I'm led to even keep my mouth shut!
However, the days when I'm rushed, don't take time for a morning devotion to set my heart on a fresh track for the day, those things don't happen. Worse, I may end up being crabby and that's the last thing this world needs - another crab in the marketplace.
Help us Jesus to be your body here on earth and to keep in step with Your Spirit daily!