Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I cannot imagine how thunderous the shouts and cheers must have been the day David defeated Goliath! I cannot imagine how glad, but also dismayed, Saul must have been.

For days the enemy had been taunting God's army. For days, God's army sat cowering in fear. They were "dismayed and terrified". For days, I think God was in heaven saying, "Will somebody go already!!!?? What on earth are you waiting for?!!"
David, a young sheep herder, arrives bearing grain and bread for his big brothers (the first mention of "fast food" in the Bible?). As he is greeting his brothers, the "Philistine champion from Gath"- Goliath, appears and shouts his defiance. The army of God who had lined up for battle at the shout of the war cry, dispersed in great fear. They ran away! Again, God must have been in heaven: "For crying out loud! You bunch of ninnies!" :) (well, He could have!)
All of the men in the army of God had been given the same opportunity. Actually, all had been given more opportunities than David to defeat the Philistine giant. They had 40 days more than David to become the hero for God's people. Saul had been given 40 days in which to defeat Goliath through the power of the God of the armies of Israel.
Do you really think that if one of David's brothers had trusted in the God of Abraham to deliver the giant into his hand that God would have said, "Nope. Not today, buddy. I'm waiting on little David. So, I'll just let all of you people die until the McIsraelite gets here."

No. God honors those who put their trust in Him.

It's just that David seemed to be the only one around to put his trust in the God of deliverance- God Almighty.
Here is my opinion. (drum roll please......)

Heroes aren't born. Heroes are made in the crucible of conflict and choice.
Ooooooh..... I just made a deep statement! (I'm sure someone else has said it a thousand times, but I just happened upon this revelation tonight. Okay?)

I believe we all have choices to fulfill our destiny. It is said of David in Acts 13 that "David served God's purpose in his own generation". God had a purpose for that generation. A purpose that resulted from conflict. David chose to help resolve that conflict according to God's plan for His people.

So, I want to be a super hero! Naw, not the kind that puts on a little red cape and a golden belt - but I will take the breastplate of righteousness and the belt of truth (and the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, shoes of the gospel of peace and the sword of the Spirit).

I choose to walk into battles that only God Almighty can win. I choose to live an extraordinary life! I choose to fulfill God's purpose for my generation! I say this not because I am anything special. Far from it. Just little ol' Dorinda with her m&m, diet coke loving self - who happens to serve a great big AWESOME and wonderful God.

I choose to trust in God. I choose to fight the battle against the giants in my life and the lives of my family and friends. I choose to not run in fear when the giant laughs in my face. I choose to stand in the battle field with my God behind me. I choose to allow my God to guide my hand.

I choose to trust in God.

How about you?

Think about it.

love you all,


Anonymous said...

This too, is so good and a wonderful reminder today...God seems to constantly be sending me into a battle where I must choose whether I will do what He asks...each time I say...but why ME Lord... and in that moment I have to decide whether I will choose to do what He asks of me... Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

Laurie Adams said...

Great posting today Dorinda. When I was reading it I thought about SUPERHEROES as we know them...you know the kind that have some sort of special power that makes them so super...

As we seek God and put trust in Him, He will empower us to face any giant that comes in our way!

The power is not in the cape...but in Jesus Christ!

love ya,