Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Age Has its Way of Mocking Me!

Age has its way of mocking me.

Inside I still "feel" 25. I have to work hard to act like the "mature" 40 something pastor's wife that I am. Maturity and dignity do not come naturally for the likes of me.

Your natural response would be, "How is that?"
(Do I even share such things for the whole world to see? Of course! )

Well, for starters, I find most of life quite humorous. It doesn't matter if I am supposed to be sad, quiet, or respectful. I am very easily tickled.

Like in church.
My husband is the most amazing preacher I have ever heard! I am blessed to have him as my pastor for the rest of our lives. I could sit and listen to him forever! - but you add a snoring person in the mix, in the pew behind me, and it is all over for me! I can disrupt a congregation faster than the squirrel in the revival! Shoulders shaking, giggles audibly erupting and tears streaming - those are the moments you B-E-G God for a much more serious nature!

Like in conference settings.
Oh, my. Don't even take me to one of those! And please, please don't set me next to a person with any type of idiosyncrasy! Like next to the lady who clicks her teeth when she is thinking. A few minutes of that, and it starts for me. First come the hushed snickers. Next, I give way to little gasps of "oooowowoh" followed by a louder giggle. The next thing you know I am in a full blown snort!

Like at funerals.
I have WAY too many stories for this category. There is one tale that belongs to the Searcy crew. I must say, I was just as innocent as Vernon and Pat Shourd and Frank and Helen Gentry! There was something about a grumbling hungry stomach that was louder than the preacher! It is also one of those "you had to be there" stories. Tears were rolling down our cheeks, that is for sure!
I can't forget the time the guest minister started carrying on a conversation with the dear soul in the casket. Now - that just took the cake! I did have enough sense about me that time to just get up and leave! I was lucky not to leave that funeral home without a straight jacket! I made it to the ladies room and was doubled over in the floor laughing.

Age has its way of mocking me.
It is good that I can laugh at myself!

Several years ago, we came up with an award in the office when someone did something silly or just plain "stupid". It was a McDonald's Happy Meal Goofy toy. It just kind of stayed in the office with all of the m&ms.....

Age has its way of mocking me.
I deserved a "Goofy Award" the other day. (This is for you Shannon!) I was working so hard in my little office cranking out the work. I decided I had earned a chocolate moment- (you know- stop what you're doing and savor 5 minutes of wonderful chocolate!). I reached over for the chocolate peanut butter kiss Ms. Shirley had left on my desk. As I opened the foil wrapper, the kiss dropped under my desk. Being the frugal chocolate lover I am, I was going to "save" that kiss! I simply scooted my chair back to reach down and get it, only to find it was a little out of my reach.

In my mind I am still 25. In reality, I am 40+ and have a nagging, stiff shoulder. (Must I say again that in my mind I am still 25.) Bending down a little more, I reached further steadying myself on my stiff shoulder.

It happened so fast, I can't even tell you what happened! One moment I am in my chair- a "dignified" pastor's wife, working diligently at the church office.
The next moment, I am somehow
head down,
rear end up,
all under my desk -
still reaching for one itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny piece of chocolate.... that I might add was still NOT in my hand.

I was stuck! Not because I couldn't get out, but because I was laughing so hard, I couldn't move. But then, I wasn't leaving until I got the prize!

Ms. Shirley and Beth came running to see what was the matter, to find me under my desk giggling at my demise.

Age has its way of mocking me!
Agility is a thing of the past.
Stiff joints find me in the present
Clear vision is of yester years.
Blurred vision accompanies me constantly.
A slender figure is only seen in the photographs.
My jellied tummy bubble is all too visible when I look in the mirror.

Age has its way of mocking me!
I don't mind growing older. It just means I am one step closer to heaven. I don't even mind finding the hilarity in life. I want to rejoice in the days God has given me.

I find in my NIV Bible words for joy and rejoice. Joy seems to be a natural response to a state of being. Rejoice is something you choose to do.

So, I want my state of being to overflow with joy and my choices to result in rejoicing- regardless of my situation.

Maybe, just maybe in heaven I will be the dignified, reserved, and graceful woman I have always dreamed of being....

But in the meantime, I am fine knowing-

Age has its way of mocking me!

Have a joy filled day with rejoicing!


Shannon said...

LOL!!! I love it! I needed a laugh today! It just makes me miss you more though!


Pastor Rusty said...

Funny stuff. I wouldn't change a thing about you. You are the love of my life and the wind beneath my wings and you were created just for me. I love you "big much"


Treasure Seeker said...

thump thump......
you still make my heart flutter rusty blann!


urtloml forever and always!
God has truly smiled on me!

love ya!


Anonymous said...

this one made me smile :o) and then smile even more when I can see you flirting with your hubby bloggy style :o) HEE HEE HEE :o)