Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He is my Everything!

I am so thankful for Jesus in my life. He is my everything!

He is the Word of God!
John 1:1
He is the Truth!
John 14:6
He is the Way!
John 14:6
He is the Life!
John 14:6
He is my everything!

This morning, I just needed Him to speak to me. Physically I just wasn't feeling 100%. I have mounds of work to do and there are some projects looming in my future that, quite honestly, I cannot do on my own.

I needed Him to breathe His presence, His Word, His Life, His Way, His Truth into my soul. I needed to rest in WHO He is.

I got the kids to school. Returned home and sat in the recliner and simply said, "Jesus, I need You."

I opened my Word and there He was! He spoke to my heart with such peace and strength. He encouraged my with such guidance.

I can't say it enough~


I don't want to spend a day without Him.

I don't want to take a breath without Him.

I need Him in every aspect of my life~ my wants, my desires, my needs, my dreams, my goals, my hopes, my fears.

He is my everything.


That's it. There's nothing more.

May He be YOUR everything!


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Krista said...

Yes, He is all we need. What a God!!!... to be everything we need!!! He is our friend that sticks closer than a brother, He is our help in times of trouble, He is our peace, He is our counselor, He is our shelter, He is our rock...He is everything we need.