Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Thoughts Today

Okay. I am sitting at home working today. I have a thousand things to do, and I can't get this blog off of my mind. So, I am just going to pour my heart out.
I wanted to do something like this before I ever heard of a blog. I am an internet - (I stop short of the word "addict") - junky- how's that? I love being able to find resources and knowledge at the tip of my fingers! It is awesome. I was talking one day with a new christian in our church and she mentioned how awesome it would be to study the Bible on her coffee break at work online. So, instantly I began thinking and praying. I was doing searches and came across some cool sites, but it all looked extremely expensive and very technological. I needed free and simple.
Enter my oldest daughter and her China adoption process. Glenda, my tech savy and detailed child, started a blog to journal her adoption process of Mia. While we were in China, Glenda journaled on her blog almost every day. Hmmmm, a blog? I had no clue until then, what it was or how you do it.
When we came home, I checked out the site and learned that I could handle this technology part. So, I began praying more earnestly, and voila! We have this Bible Study blog.
But, my question today is, how effective has it been? Have I made the "digging for treasure" thing something that I would love - and not taking account of other people's gifts, desires, and needs? When I started the Bible Study blog, my purpose was not to provide a devotion. Those of you in our church have awesome devotions and scriptures given to you daily by Pastor Rusty and Laurie.
I was mentioning all of this with Glenda when we were visiting a couple of weeks ago. She said something that stuck. "But, mom, you have the spiritual gift of teaching and you love to dig for stuff yourself and research all of that information." She was absolutely right.
So, I am taking a step back and really, really seeking God on this. I, at this moment, feel the most effective part of this blog has been when I have shared my heart- my goofy stuff along with my heart felt moments. I have the resources on this blog for someone to learn to do indepth studies.
Do I believe I have missed God on this? - Not a chance. I just want to go about it the right way- the way that God gets all of the glory and the way that more lives will be drawn closer to Him AND His Word.
So, let me reiterate the original purpose of this blog:
This whole Bible study/blog spot is about finding treasure in God's Word, then in turn finding the treasure He has so graciously deposited into us. (Pasted from July 2007 Blog entry.)
I ask each of you ladies to join in prayer with me. I love each of you and thank God for the opportunity to share God's Word with you!
Love ya all!


Laurie Adams said...

I, like you Dorinda, am discovering all the new possibilities that this new technology of BLOGGING can bring. I am totally new at blogging but what I have discovered in the short time that I have been doing it is that many ladies will have the opportunity to read it. Some on purpose, because they want to keep up with what we are blogging about and others will stumble on our blogs by accident! These that stumble by accident may not know of Gods love and grace, and I hope and pray that God will use me and my words to speak to them. So Dorinda, Whether it is a Bible Study or placing a tool on your blog that assists us in finding Truth in Gods Word, the outcame will be the same....God USING you to INVEST in the lives of WOMEN. WOW!!! What a great thing that God can take new technology and use us to minister to people we have never met. That is what Christian blogging is all about! So Dorinda...change it...tweek it...examine it....play with different styles...whatever it takes as long as you keep sharing your heart, your desire, and Gods grace and love: That is what is important and NEEDED. love you and am praying for Gods direction in your blogging ministry!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. It encompasses much more than you probably realize I think. I love the fact that you put your heart out there. I never get tired of hearing you and Pastor Rusty talk about your struggles with Taylor b/c much of it echoes feelings I had with Andy and Ryan. I have shared this blog location with other Christian women in other areas who I know read it and love it. You are reaching more than just our church with this and sharing your love and devotion to Christ with so many women. I think you show us all how to humbly live and respect our Savior. Thank you for all you do. I will pray with you on this and I know that God will show you the direction that you should continue on.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the time and effort you put into this blog. I know that you pour your heart and soul into this so that we can get more of God in our lives. I don't always respond to your posts but they always speak to me. I'm looking forward whatever new things you post in the future. I'm praying with you about the blog.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Dorinda, I wait with anticipation whatever direction you choose. You have shared so much with us and it has never failed to instruct me and bless me. I am praying...KayD