Friday, February 15, 2008

Season to Celebrate Love!

Valentine's Day has come and gone! It is a day when we really communicate our love and commitment to the love of our life - or if you're not married - celebrate those in your life you care about.

I love Valentine's Day. Maybe because I have the most awesome husband on the face of the earth and because our deep love for each other has helped us live the "fairy tale" marriage. (Don't get me wrong - we have had those days where we both felt like sending each other to meet their maker.) But - I am crazy about my wonderful, handsome, and loving man!

This isn't a Bible study day by the way. I'm just thinking out loud.......

If you have read some of my other blogs, you know our story. But if you don't know it, listen to the romance story of a lifetime.........................

I think I knew I was madly in love the first time he kissed me. (Don't worry, no Harlequin Romance here). It was just a simple kiss, after SEVERAL sweet dates, mind you. But when he bent down and did kiss me, my world went spinning! I had never, ever felt so dizzy! I don't think I could talk for at least an hour. I was hooked- hooked on my Rusty forever!

But our story didn't start there.

I had just graduated High School (West Memphis - Home of the Mighty Blue Devils!!). I had dreamed for several years of going to college and getting my degree. I wasn't going to fall in to the drop out category of those girls leaving with only their M.R.S. degree! I was bound and determined to go against the odds.

I first remember seeing Rusty in the cafeteria line on the 2nd or 3rd day before classes started. He saw me a bit sooner. He drove up to CBC with his parents and parked in front of Bowie dorm, opens his door, looks up, and there I am walking by. (Is this love at first sight?)

He gets settled in his room and when I see him in the cafeteria, he tells his hall mate that he wants to meet me. CBC had an annual bonfire at the beginning of the fall semester. It is there that we "officially" met. But our story didn't start there either.

As an active member of our church Youth Group, I always attended C.A. Convention in Hot Springs - (I just told my age! It is now Youth Convention.) My high school sophomore year was no exception. After the Friday night service, our group loaded up and went to McDonalds. I was standing in line, minding my own business, when these 2 guys started pointing at me and another girl, saying, "Look! Don't they look alike?" To my 16 year old self- I was mortified to be the center of attention from these 2 guys! . But, in all honesty, the other girl and I did favor quite a bit! That is how Rusty remembered me when he saw me as soon as he pulled into CBC parking lot. I looked just like Angela W. You should here him tell his side of the story. At 16, though, I was furious! I vowed to never forget the faceof the guy who embarrassed me so much!!! And I didn't... because I remembered him in a cafeteria line.

But, our story didn't start there either.

Not only was "Youth Convention" an annual event for me, but also Church Camp - again in Hot Springs. My 2nd or 3rd year of church camp I received the Best Camper runner-up award for the girls. I think I was 9 or 10 years old. When they called my name I had to go up front and get my picture made with the boy who got the same award. "Ewwwww! Stand beside a boy!?!!" The picture was made from a polaroid camera. The first one was blurry and went into the trash can beside me. The lady then took a second one and voila- we were done. She turns and walks away. I looked into the trash can and grabbed the blurry polaroid- a "trophy" to take home to mom and dad to prove I could be a good kid. I didn't know the boy beside me in the picture, and at the time, could care less. The picture proved to be wonderful evidence 11 years later, that this was my prince charming- the man of my dreams!

And that is where our story started. A love story for the ages- that has much more yet to be written. Ours is a love story that is peppered with conflict, trials, and intrigue, but through it all, it is a story of a love that has grown stronger and stronger through the grace and mercy of our wonderful Savior! My husband is the love of my life, my soul mate, my best friend, and the summation of all my dreams on this earthly world!!!

My prayer for all of you is that your "love story" be as wonderful and happy as ours! My ultimate prayer is that you experience the TRUEST love of all in Jesus Christ. He is the Supreme Valentine in that He gave His life for ours and took on all of our sin. We simple have to accept His gift of forgiveness and learn to bask in His great love!

Happy Be-lated Valentines Day to all of you!


Mary Beth said...


It is Mary Beth Bradshaw...Steve's wife.

Remember me...CBC...Arkansas...

I can't believe I came across your blog.

How ARE you?

Treasure Seeker said...

Oh my goodness!!!! we are fantastic! where are you guys? How awesome! I will email you!

Anonymous said...

I see you changed the blogs purpose. so we are no longer doing a Study huh? I wish I could find an online study and am sorry to see that this one did not get going. Maybe another time.

Anonymous said...

anonymous...I'm afraid I don't understand your comment. If you will look back over blogs from Sept-Dec. There are several Bible study entries. It is only these last few that are more personal observations. Possibly because she did not receive much interaction on the previous studies. I myself have to plead guilty in not posting comments but did read and study what was written. KayD

Anonymous said...

anonymous KayD...apparently you misunderstood my comment. I meant no harm to sis dorinda or what she is doing. Initially I signed up with this because I wanted a Bible Study. True there has been some questions and scriptures put before us. I, however, was wanting alittle more and under the impression it was going to be more. I like you, did what she posted but I did not comment either. Leaving comments is not a measure of success. I apologize if I offended you in any way, that was not my intent. Just disappointed that the study did not turn out to be what I initially was led to believe it would be. thats all. I don't know Dorinda, I hooked up with this thru someone else but I am sure she is a very lovely person. I mean no harm to her as a person I was just expressing my disappointment. I have looked at her new blog page and I think it is great and i will probably look at it from time to time. Don't take issue with me for having an opinion and a desire to have more of God and study in a deeper way. I am struggling in that area and just needed some direction and thought this was an avenue. Does that make you understand any clearer my comment ANONYMOUS KAY?

Treasure Seeker said...

Hi Anonymous!
Thanks for your comment and clarification! - and for stopping by my sight!
After some emails from friends and counsel from my wonderful husband, I hope to serve both purposes on this blog. So, please check back often for the Bible study portion. Today's post explains it a little more!
Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand you..thanks for posting another comment. I hope you find the study you are looking for..KayD