Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bible Study vs. Blog: The Verdict is In!

Good morning everyone!
I pray you have already had a passionate encounter with the Creator of the Universe this morning! If you haven't, invite Him into your day!

Well, after much prayer and wise counsel, I feel I know the direction I am to go with this thing.

Why not do both?
I love, absolutely LOVE, just writing my feelings. For every blog you see that I have shared my heart, I have typed a hundred in my head. So, you will see a lot more of the "just sharing my thoughts" kind of posts.

On the other hand, when I have something that is really burning in my heart, as far as teaching is concerned, I will post those also. I will post those with a Bible Study tag and will have simple links to that in the right hand column.

So, no matter what you prefer, check back often! I have a funny story to share about this whole ordeal- but that will come later, when I am a little more convinced that no one will come after me with a white jacket......

Love you ladies!
And if you are on the internet for at least an hour a day, remember, you can be researching and finding Truths from God's Word during that time!

I love you all!


A Hoosier Family said...

Hi Dorinda!
Glad to hear you're keeping your blog! :0) I would love to add your blog to the A/G Blog Ring! The reason you haven't been added to the members yet is the code has not yet been added to your blog. It will need to be in the sidebar area (so it's permanent) and so RingSurf can detect it's there. Once that is done I can add you! If you need any help adding it, just let me know! Blessings! ~Sharon~

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the AG blog ring!!! It's been so fun to watch it grow over the past few months :) I can see that your blog will be a blessing for many!!!!