Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Have you ever been there?
You can't move on until you have it, found it, or embrace it?

I feel that way today. I have this longing in my soul, in my spirit for more of God. Oh, I am no super spiritual person, but today, I just have a hunger.

The upcoming fast has my tri-partate being in an uproar. My spirit man is longing to be more like Christ and to draw closer to him. My physical man who loves diet coke, m&ms, and all junk food is screaming and whining. My soul man is divided. I want to do what is right, but I also want to enjoy the junk I love so much. (Romans 7:16-20) I am like Paul, I know that no good thing lives in me. It all must die!

I can't wait to see what God is going to do! In our community and church as well as in my personal life.

I have been seeking God about some personal direction for my fast. The thing that keeps coming to my heart is for my children to be passionate about their relationship with Christ. I mean zealously passionate, the kind of passion that makes your heart stop beating because you are so hungry for an intimate moment with the Savior.! I want my kids to be hungry for that- so hungry that they fall on their faces and wait for God.

I think the emotions I am feeling today are a burden for that. You know that kind of emotion that gets stuck in your throat and your eyeballs feel like they might pop out from crying. God is stirring my heart to intercede for the souls of my children, for their spiritual maturity and hunger.

I was reading in Psalms today 75:1 - We give thanks to you, O God, we give thanks, for your Name is near,...." Don't we know what kind of things happen when His Name is near!!!

I just want to remind each of us that our relationship with God is first, our husbands second, our children are next - then our ministry and work. Let's not forget to model our passion before them, so they know who to follow! I want my kids to see me weep before Jesus. I want them to see me hunger for the word. I want them to feel His presence, because I have entered the throne room- then they can hunger for that and experience Him when they have sought Him with their whole heart!

There are so many promises in the Word about our children and I encourage you to dig them up and claim them for your kids. Pray the Word of God over them!

My recommendation for today is a book by Eastman Curtis entitled Everyday I Pray for My Teenager. You don't have to have a teenager to benefit from this book. He has Word Prayers for all kinds of situations that work for anyone you love and care about.

I would love to share more today, but life is calling!
Love you all!


Jennifer said...

I echo your same hunger right now. My physical side is doubting that I will survive the fast, my brain is working overtime about what to cook for my family but my spirit is so hungry for a mighty move of God. I can't explain my excitement and anticipation for what is about to happen to us from our Heavenly Father in all areas personally, our families, our church and our communities...but I almost can't contain myself. Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

thank you for your inspiration!!! I too long for my children to yearn for God, to follow in His footsteps, to have a heart for missions...Your words have blessed me today!

braveslpn said...

I think all mom's long and hunger for our children to yearn for the Lord and to seek his face in earnest. I too feel as though I am supposed to be praying for my children during the upcoming fast. Satan better watch out for all the mamma's interceding for their children and families!

macymiamom said...

Mom - we just finished the 21 day fast at our church -and I am AMAZED at what God is doing. Things I didn't even know to ask for. And....I think I have read somewhere that Dr. James Dobson fasted one day a week for his children. Talk about integrating a fasted lifestyle!

Treasure Seeker said...

right now i am at the point that my excitement for more of God is bigger than my fear of failure - you know - no m&ms, no diet coke.

i have a stirring in my soul!!!
love ya chickadee!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks, girlfriend, for your insight and encouraging reminders.

I can SO see your bubbly personality in your writing, and I imagine you with all of your expression, hand gestures, and lilty southern drawl speaking it out!

Steve looked at your blog and said, "She looks so great. Rusty and I didn't fare as well as our girls!" HA!