Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bible Study #1 - Lord, Help Me, I'm Human!

Okay, so my story was a bit wacky and crazy, like my everyday life, but every bit true. That was a humorous way to explain how I feel inside sometimes. I am human and my life is not perfect. Crazy things happen. Sad things happen. Unfortunately even bad things happen. When we become Christians our troubles do not instantaneously disappear. But, we are given inner strength that we could never have imagined.

I think that is why 2 Corinthians 4 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. There have been some really trying times in my life and I felt like verses 8 and 9 - hard pressed from all directions, perplexed, persecuted, and struck down. On the flip side, I was never crushed, totally in despair, nor abandoned or destroyed!

Now, remember, this is an INTERACTIVE Bible Study. I am going to list some questions below. There are not right and wrong answers. Each person will have a different response. Please, post your answers in the comment section.

Lord, I ask you now in Jesus' Name to speak to our hearts through Your Holy Spirit. May You illuminate the Word as we read and study. You know our trials, our heartaches, and our joys and victories. May we grow and learn something as we dig for the treasure in Your Word today. I ask also that each lady learns of the treasure You have placed inside of her. Amen.

Before we get started, I want to refer you to one more on line resource - http://www.studylight.org/.
I actually like this link to the Greek Lexicon better that the others I mentioned earlier. It is not as user friendly in some ways, but it has a wealth of resources.

1.) What do you think is the ministry Paul is referring to in 4:1? (Read chapters 1 -3)
2.) Why would Paul say "we do not lose heart"?
3.) How many more times does he say that phrase in this chapter?
4.) What do you get out of verses 1 - 6? (Chapter 3 sheds more light on these verses.)
5.) What is the treasure he is referring to in verse 7?
6.) On the Studylight.org page, type in 2 Cor. 4:7 in the search bar. Under the reference you will see a string of links. Click the "Greek" link. On the side of that page you will see a search bar that says "Search this resource". Type in "Treasure". There are 6 words in the Greek New Testament for "treasure". Look at the meaning of each of these. Find the one for 2 Cor. 4:7. What does that meaning say to you in light of this chapter?
This is difficult. I have tried this 3 times and still have a hard time finding this spot. But this is a really neat insight into this verse. So, try doing this. www.studylight.org/lex/grk/search.cgi?word=treasure . (We will save this address and use it again - just changing the word= part.)

Okay, I could put another gazillion questions, but I will stop. Please post your comments!!!!!
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

God find some Treasure!
Love ya all!


Kellie V said...

I'm very excited to be doing this study with you all. My name is Kellie and I live in NW Arkansas, nice to meet you!

Treasure Seeker said...

Yeaaah kellie! you did the google thing!
Glad to have you on board!
Love ya girl!

Courtney W said...

This is a great passage of scripture! And it was just want I needed to read TODAY! This is the answers that I came up with...

1. Paul's ministry is simply sharing the gospel of Christ.
2. Paul and Silas will not walk out on the calling God has put on their lives of sharing the good news. Though they have been through difficult times...Paul writes concerning issues that the church of Corinth has about his authority. They denied the right for Paul to "tell them what to do." But Paul and Silas does not give up on preaching the Gospel.
3. The words "we do not lose heart" is mentioned one other time.
4. This life and ministry is not about us, rather it is about God's grace that He has poured on us and allows us to be filled with His light which is the truth of His Word.
5. The treasure is the Good News of Jesus Christ!
6. TREASURE of God's revelation of HImself in Christ had been deposited in Paul, an earthly vessel.

Praise God that He stores up His treasure in us! We must not keep it to ourselve though, but like Paul, share it with all who will hear!

Treasure Seeker said...

great insight courtney!

did you notice the difference in the meaning for the word treasure used and the ones not used?

so, how is hot springs? we miss you and hope you can make it for our 60th Ann. service the 16th. We would love to hear some of your favorite memories of being in the youth group in the 2000s??? how do you say that as opposed to the 80s or 90s????

thanks Courtney!

Clayton and Laurie said...

Hi ladies,
2 Corinthians is a great book to study and I enjoyed reading this Chapter. I am not sure how we are suppose to post to this study so I am going to just share my thoughts about some of the questions Dorinda put before us.

1. The "ministry" Paul refers to, I believe, is the ministry of proclaiming and sharing Gods love and Truth to others. We as Christians have all been called to be Ministers of the Gospel.

2. "We do not lose heart" is spoken in this chapter two times, so I think it is important to know that Paul is telling us that persecution while involved in ministry will come but rather than give up...depend on inner strength that comes from the Holy Spirit. When you feel worn down, this is the time to renew your committment to the Lord and doing His work.

5. Treasure is Gods love and Grace, given so freely to each of us that will accept it. When I think of the word "treasure" I think of something that is precious or something that is valuable. But this kind of treasure in this passage is not something like gold, or perfume. But the treasure is that of Gods power that dwells inside of me. God has poured His Holy Spirit into His willing vessels. What I love about the thought of this kind of treasure is that my earthly treasures can be broken, stolen or taken away. But the treasure of Gods love, His forgiveness and His grace is something that cannot be taken from me. I am reminded that my relationship with God is the most precious treasure that I can ever have and I need to share it with those that are still searching for their treasure in life.

6. This treasure cannot be found in my own strength or ability only in God.

Good Chapter to start the study with Dorinda! I am really looking forward to this study, to make me more accountable for my study time.


Courtney W said...

I miss you guys too! And I love Hot Springs! Its the next best thing next to West Memphis! =) hehe ..Well it IS the Best thing because Brett and I are in God's will!
I really do love the kids, teenagers, the whole church..they are all so friendly and make you feel like you are at home! Which that was one of hte things I was worried about coming to a new church after being at my HOME church for my whole life! God has a way of working out even the littlest of details. He is just amazing like that!

But I do miss yall tremendously! I am so glad that I get to do this Bible study with such wonderful ladies that I love so much!

~Courtney Wilson

Courtney W said...

OH! I dont think I will be able to make the anniversary service. =( I just do not have anyone to fill in for Children's Church. Im real sad about it too. Mom was telling me all about it and trying to get pictures for it. I know it will be a wonderful event though!

Treasure Seeker said...

Hey Ladies!
Just wondering if anyone has any questions....
I have read this chapter over and over again and am getting blessed more and more each time I read it!

Do not lose heart! Has anyone looked up that phrase in the original Greek?

Hope to C ya tonight!