Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Power of a Thankful Heart

I am sitting in my living room. My family is all around me. It is cold and wet outside and the logs of the cozy fire are crackling in the fireplace. My heart is full of thanks to my Savior for the many blessings I have been given. After a week of family togetherness of laughing hysterically at the dinner table, playing card games and rooting on our beloved Razorbacks, I can't help but feel those warm fuzzies inside. I have so much to be thankful for and I never want to take for granted the happiness and comfort of my life.

After doing the Bible study for last Monday (which I couldn't post until today), I noticed some things in God's Word about a thankful heart and looked at my own past experiences and decided a "thankful heart" is a very powerful thing.

How is a Thankful heart powerful? When we begin to recount the things we have to be thankful for a positive change takes place. We begin to focus on blessings rather than complaints. We begin to see God's hand at work in out lives. We realize that all of the good we have is not from our hands!

You have heard the phrase "attitude of gratitude". Well, when we begin to give thanks for things, our attitude is shifted. Our attitude is one then that is pleasing to our Heavenly Father.

When I did last week's treasure dig for the word "thankful", I chose the Contemporary English version in studylight. The verses that stood out to me are Psalm 22:26, and Psalm 50:14 and 23.
Psalm 22:26 says that those who are thankful will live in hope! Wow! That's is pretty powerful.
Psalm 50:14 says that God doesn't want a bunch of sacrifices other than that of a heart of thanksgiving and verse 23 says that when we are thankful God will show His power and save!

So, as the Thanksgiving holiday has passed us, let's not stop giving thanks for all the He has done for us! Oh my goodness, we are so blessed! Let us determine that we will thank God for His goodness and His blessings as well as accept adversity and trials - all with a heart of thanksgiving.

Ok. My post question for this fun part of the Bible study is this:
What are you most thankful for? List them in categories.

To get you going here are my answers:
I am most thankful for:
Spiritual - God's saving Grace through His Son Jesus Christ. The song by Avalon- "Can't Live a Day Without You" is my theme song in life! I am so thankful to know that I have an eternity with the Lover of my soul!
Material - I guess my home. I love my cozy old house- even with it's "blueness". Ha! I love the fireplace and the big rooms - and I am thankful that I have a house that needs new carpet and new bathtubs and new lighting..... ha! It has its problems, but I love it! Oh! A very close second thing I am thankful for is my job! I love going to work! I love using the things God has given me for ministry.
Relational - This is easy- My wonderful, adorable, Godly, and very handsome husband! He is the love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate, my priest, provider, and protector! I am so madly in love with him! Also - my four wonderful children! (I love my life!)
Emotional - I am very thankful for a wonderful childhood with 2 awesome parents that gave me security and love.
Whimsical - Fun times! Being able to laugh at myself (that really comes in handy when you are an airhead klutz!) I am thankful when I can remember where my shoes are and where my keys are. I am thankful that I can go to bed and sleep even if my house is a wreck! M&Ms and Chocolate!!!!!! and Diet Coke!

Okay - bare your soul and share what you are most thankful for! I want to hear from ALL of you!
Have a great day! I love you all! (Don't forget to do the Bible study - Dig for Treasure!)



Kay D said... goes
Spiritual: God's grace and my salvation. I could not make it a day without it.

Material: My home...It is a restful haven. My is 8years old and gets me where I need to go.I'll drive it until it won't go any more..ha..ha..My job..though I'd rather be at home I am thankful for being able to work closely with 2 ladies who are Christians. Also,being at work give me a change to witness.

Relational: MY HUSBAND...he is my best friend. I love him dearly. My children. They are the BEST!!!

Emotional: My childhood had some rocky spots but I am thenkful that the Lord is bigger than any emotional issue I might try to establish. I am thankful that with the Lord's help I look forward and not behind. It does not good anyway..the best is yet to come!

Whimsical: I love to laugh and joke around. Mike is my partner in crime for road trips and we have a ball. We once told someone we just like to make stuff up and act stupid!

Clayton and Laurie said...

SPIRITUAL: Gods Grace. Gods forgiveness. Gods Love. Gods Provision. Without any of that, I am nothing, and can do nothing!

MATERIAL: A house that provides heat, and air in the summer. That has electricity for me to blow dry my hair, watch tv, wash and dry clothes, and iron clothes. A stove and oven to cook my food, a microwave when I am in a hurry. All these things we take for granted each and every day. I am always reminded of what great luxuries we have when I travel out of the country to places like Ecuador or Belize where they have huts with no running water, no electricity and sleep on dirt floors. What luxuries I have in my little overcrowded (beautiful) home! Oh how easily we forget how blessed we are!

RELATIONAL: My wonderful, loving, giving, Godly husband. Followed by the four greatest, most beautiful and (living for the Lord!!!) children. All of my precious Godly girlfriends that lift me up in prayer daily and who I can always count on!

EMOTIONAL:For Gods loving arms that have hugged me and rocked me when I felt all alone and like nobody else was there. For Gods never ceasing belief in me and for Gods strength to extend love and forgiveness to those in my life that have hurt me and left me. Thank you Lord for giving me the ability to forgive!

WHIMSICAL: 1. For SHERIDANS CUSTARD in Memphis and for a husband that will drive all the way to Memphis just to get me my favorite ice cream when I have had a hard day or I am sick! 2. For Wednesday Mornings...the day my husband gets the kids off to school so I can sleep in. 3. For my silky terrer dog - MAGGIE. My 25th anniversary present from my husband because Maggie will turn "silver". She is soooo cute!
4. hugs and kisses from my kids (yes..even the adult boys!)

Anonymous said...

Here it goes:
Spiritual - My Salvation and my brother, Fred's Salvation! God's grace and mercy! Prayers from my wonderful church family!
Material - My house - although it's usually cluttered and messy - it's "home" and I love it!
Relational - My wonderful husband followed by my truely awesome boys and my "inherited beautiful daughter" Megan; and my parents, who I absolutely adore and admire. Last, but certainly not least, the wonderful relationships I have built within the body of our wonderful church family and the wonderful pastoral staff we have!
Emotional - There are two things that truly STAND OUT; The fact that God mended my relationship with my brother Fred during his illness and allowed me the time to bond with him on a level of which I never imagined. Because of this, I am able to cope with his passing knowing that I will again see him one day in Gloryland! And the evidence of God's grace and mercy for my husband and my family!
Whimsical - Acting silly with my kids - just being able to laugh and be carefree is good for the soul!

Wanda Carpenter

Anonymous said...

Spiritual: I am so thankful for God's unfailing love.

Material: I am thankful for my house that is just right for me, Jeremy and Grace. I am thankful for car that is reliable and gets awesome gas mileage. I am also thankful for my job. I work with awesome people!

Relational: Jeremy--He is the ultimate. He sacrifices so much for me and Grace. He is my best friend, provider, protector, and spiritual leader and I love him so much for that.

Emotional: Ok, you may laugh. I'm thankful that I don't have any major emotional problems.

Whimsical: I'm thankful for Grace's adventureous spirit and watching her act silly!