Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Announcing Chic ~ Chat!

Hey Ladies! I have been putting this information on my facebook and haven't had a chance yet to post it here..... mainly because I have been awol on my blog lately.... but~ here is our new ladies ministry!

Chic Chat

Wednesdays at 6:45pm

Location in August 2009 Shoney's in West Memphis

We exist for the purpose of:

Chic Chattin' about God's Word

Embracing our Destiny ~ Encouraging Each Other ~ Encountering His Presence

Hope to see you tonight!



ps..... regular blogging coming soon! School has started and this mom will have a few minutes to do the things SHE loves like writing and blogging! (There are SOME advantages to kids going to school, but I still would MUCH rather have them home!)

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lheustes said...

I did not make it last week, something came up at the last minute, but I promise I am going to get involved. I have been saying that for over a year and the year has flown by ... the devil always throws up roadblocks but God is so good!