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Part 2: Abigail- Her Story

This is part 2 of Abigail- Her Story. For part 1, please click here.


The thoughts and questions flooding her mind dared to unnerve her. She knew she could very well lose her life! If she dwelt on the possibilities too long, she just might cower to her fears, but she couldn't. Too many lives were at stake!

With a courage that few men have found even in the heat of battle, Abigail mounted her donkey and headed for the mountain. All of the goods were ready and loaded. She sent a few servants with the gifts ahead.

She would follow the little caravan.

As the early morning sun began to peak over the horizon, Abigail saw the opening in the hillside. She knew that once she rode through the pass there was no turning back. Her heart fluttered a little from fear. She didn't want to think about what her stomach was doing.

Her donkey plodded slowly among the ravine's path. A few loose pebbles trickled down the dried up creek bed.

That was when she heard the neighing of horses.

Now her heart was caught in her throat!

Would she live to see another sunrise?

In a matter of seconds she was face to face with the warriors.
In the lead was none other than the giant slayer himself, David.
~ The shepherd boy turned warrior.

With all of the dignity and strength she could muster she dismounted her donkey with the speed of one whose life depended upon it.

She fell at his feet and began the speech she had rehearsed for the last several hours.

She dared not look him in the face. After her long oratory that began with her pleading for mercy and ended with David's praises and triumphs, she lie with her face breathing in the moisture from the soil. Her heart beat so fast she thought David's entire army could hear it.

She trembled from the top of her head to her finger tips. When she realized how bad she was trembling, she clinched her fists to hide their quivering.

While she spoke, David's troops were silent. Now she still heard nothing other than what appeared to be the warrior dismounting from his steed.

He was standing next to her head.

His words were like music to her ears! "Blessed be the God of Israel! He has sent you to me! And blessed be your good sense!"

She heard little else than the mercy in his voice.
In all of her bravery she could not keep the single tear from sliding down her cheek.

Slowly she raised her head and ventured to take in the surroundings.

His men were accepting the gifts she sent!

"Return home in peace. I've heard what you said and will do what you've asked."

With that the company of warriors turned and rode back to the other side of the mountain.

Abigail stood there staring after them.
The God of Israel had just spared her life and the lives of her entire company.

The servants were waiting on her for instruction.

Brushing off her garments, she returned to her donkey. Head held high and back straight, she returned home. The servants, one by one followed her.

Once again, their mistress had saved their lives. She risked her life so they might live.

The ride home was quiet but much more peaceful to her body than the last 24 hours had been. She almost moaned out loud when she realized there was still the sheering festival to tend to.

She heard the festivities before she could even see the camp.


He loved his wine and any excuse for a good party.

As they rode into the camp, servants in tent after tent poked their heads out to see the straggling travelers ride in. Abigail greeted them with a warm smile to assure them of the success of her little trip. Wives and mothers said a thousand words with looks of admiration and devotion. They would sleep tonight with husbands and sons at home, because of her bravery and wisdom. A few of the children, upon seeing Abigail ran out to greet her.

By the time she reached her tent, a small group had gathered. News of the impending doom had spread like wildfire upon her departure. Now, they just wanted to know what happened.

As much as Abigail wanted to greet each servant and reassure them that all was well, she was just too tired. She summoned Deborah, Pallu and sent for Hanini. She informed the three of them of the events and asked them to relay the details to the servants.

Before she could rest, she had to see what Nabal was up to and if all was well.

Her weary bones drug her to his tent. If it hadn't been for the loudness of the music and drunken shepherds and visiting clansmen, they would have heard her stomach rumble. How long since she had eaten a real meal? Was it just yesterday that she and Deborah had a quiet lunch in Maon?

As she entered the tent, she heard, rather than saw Nabal.
She knew he was already drunk. His rude and surly comments to the slave girl serving his drinks stung Abigail's heart. With a sigh she back out of the tent and let him alone. He wouldn't remember a word she said anyway.

These things could wait until morning.

Now, to tend to her hunger and exhaustion.

In her tent, her dear Deborah had bath water drawn and a scrumptious meal waiting. Her five maids were waiting on her. They each greeted her with a warm hug and expressions of deep gratitude. These were the ladies who knew her best. They knew she wore the weight of the welfare of each of them along with every other servant and hireling of Nabals.

The five of them saw to her every need before she fell asleep. With hushed whispers they brushed her hair, prepared her bed and retrieved her food. They would see to it that their mistress was not disturbed in any way tonight. She, with the help of Yahweh, was a brave and courageous warrior. Her strength, honor and bravery had saved them all.

Abigail slept a quiet and deep sleep while Nabal drank himself into a senseless stupor.

Tomorrow would bring it's own life changing events and another sunrise would see another drama unfold. But for tonight, the camp in Carmel would be divided into the sleeping and the drunken, the wise and the foolish.

Abigail dreamed dreams of peace and happiness.

Nabal slobbered spittal on his beard. When he finally passed out, he felt a tightening in his chest. His last conscious thought was of cursing the cook for the spicey foods and his indigestion.

The sun had dropped against the horizon hours ago and was almost ready to reappear for another day.

The Carmel camp was finally asleep.


Abigail- a woman of wisdom, bravery and courage. There is still more to her story. I'm not sure if I will write a part 3. What do you think?
I hope you felt her emotions and realized her bravery!


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I think you should write the next part :) .... I could read your stories for hours... You should write a book of these!!! I am already thinking of people who would love it.... I know that I would!

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