Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fallen Officers in West Memphis - Heroes in My Book

Heroes in our City~ Paudert and Evans

It is almost 11:00 pm and my family and me are about to go to bed. Tonight I will kiss my husband a few more times and hug my kids with much more emotion.

Tonight two families are facing a day tomorrow without their son, their brother, their dad, their husband. Tonight two families are grieving the loss of their hero- our heroes.

Officers Bill Evans and Brandon Paudert were killed in the line of duty today. They were shot doing their job to protect us - the citizens of West Memphis and Crittenden County.

For some reason or another civilians like myself take the protection these men and women give us for granted - until a tragedy like this happens~ in this instance ~ until my friends' brother was murdered.

Bill Evan's keen eye for things not right probably saved more lives than any of us will ever know. He made a "routine" stop because he was good at his job. For a police officer to be good at his job means lives are saved.

His fellow officer came to back him up. Risking his life for the safety of civilians.

A hero is one who runs toward danger risking personal safety for the protection of others.

Bill Evans and Brandon Paudert are heroes.

Sheriff Busby and Chief Deputy Wren are heroes.

We do not pay our policemen and county officers enough. How do you put a dollar amount on the safety of a city or county? And we fuss over city taxes?

The news coverage showed a game warden truck ramming into that van in order for officers to apprehend the suspects.

Everyone of those guys are heroes. Can you imagine if these young men would have gotten away or went into Wal-Mart and taken hostages? My husband was on the service road at the time of the shoot out. He said he saw people in the parking lot running away from the danger.
He saw officers - in uniform~ out of uniform ~ with protective vests and without protective vests run TOWARD the danger. That is what our policemen and women do for us. They run TO the danger so we can run AWAY from danger.

Isaiah 46:4 says I am He who will sustain you.

My prayer tonight is for the family of Bill Evans and Brandon Paudert- may they be comforted and know that we as a city appreciate the price paid today. I am so sorry the cost was so great but I pray to my God in heaven to sustain and help each family member.

May God comfort the city of West Memphis tonight.

Angie, Joyce, ~ this is for you. The least I can do to pay tribute to your brother. I love you and am so sorry. I pray God will see you through each day and hold you when you cry. I pray His strength will empower you and that through all of this heartache you will grow in your relationship with our Savior. I honor the legacy of Bill because of his heroism. We are indebted to him for our safety.

May God comfort the families of the fallen.


[ photo above of Officers Paudert and Evans taken by Mike Douglas of the Evening Times]


LAURIE said...

very well said Dorinda. It seems lately all we hear about is bad stuff in the paper about our law enforcement and we forget to honor the men and women who risk their lifes daily just so we can be safe. They truly are heroes!

Jennifer said...

Beautifully put, Dorinda! I know that I am married to a part-time police office and I too, take them foregranted. It made me tell mine more yesterday and today when he left the house in uniform to be careful, I love you, come back home to me tonight and prayed harder for his safety and others who are serving and protecting us daily.

Officers Paudert and Evans made the ultimate sacrifice and I will be ever grateful. My heart breaks for their families who have to go on without them...what a tragedy that never had to happen...but, this didn't catch God by surprise or off guard...He is ultimately the one in control of ALL things.