Monday, September 20, 2010

Not Willing..... That ANY..... should perish.

We concluded our 2010 Mission’s Convention last night.

Last Sunday night Bro. Mike Louton preached a sermon entitled,
“Not Willing that Any Should Perish”.

His sermon struck a chord deep in the hearts of the Blann family.

I guess since the first day our children became ours, Rusty and I vowed to teach them the way of Christ~ the heart beat of God ~ if you will.

So, in essence, we have raised our children to be missionaries. Maybe not all “career” missionaries that will live their lives overseas, like Brad and Glenda, but life missionaries ~ living life with the heartbeat of God~

not willing

that any

should perish.

So, here is a link to a video my son made.

"Not Willing.... That ANY.... Should Perish”
(be sure to mute my blog music first.)

I am amazed that a 17 year old, (who gave up the chance for summer cash to spend his summer for missions and ministry; who declined playing football this year to spend more time on video ministry) could put something like this together in one afternoon. The anointing of God is on this video ~ and I am very, VERY proud of my child.

So......let me know what you think!

We were trying to think of a way he could use this video to raise money for Speed the Light.

Of course, you can always send a donation to the church
(First Assembly of God, 503 N. Missouri St., West Memphis, AR 72301
RE: Jordan Blann- Speed the Light). :D

What is your heart beating?




Michele Williams said...

Oh wow... yes, my heart is beating fast... and tears in my eyes... You should be proud of your son.

lasturch said...

That is AWESOME!!!! Wow!!!