Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Advent Season

I hope you all read some of the information on the season of Advent. In my readings I found that this liturgical celebration of full of beauty and symbolism.

The first week of advent centers around HOPE. Hope for the Messiah to come, as He did 2000 years ago, and hope for our Messiah to return, as He has promised. The cry of the prophets from the Old Testament as they were longing for the Messiah to be born should be mirrored in our longing for our Savior and Messiah to return.

The second week of advent usually centers around PEACE. The peace that Messiah ushered in as He, the Son of God was born as the Son of man, is ours because He came.

The third week of advent is JOY. Joy that we have a Messiah. Joy that He is our Savior! Joy that He has promised to return!

The fourth week of advent concentrates on the LOVE He brings. The advent season ends on Christmas Eve as the final candle is lit to focus on Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

If you would like an even more in depth study, I found a resource I am comfortable giving to you for your devotions with your family at home. Please go to:

This week in our studies, I want us to examine our life and our traditions during the beautiful holiday season.
Do we focus on material things or is everything we are doing pointing our families to Christ?
Are we so busy and so hectic that Christmas joy is Christmas stress?
Do we point out to our children the wonderful hope of our coming Savior? Is the fact that we celebrate His birth enough? Or -is there a way to also emphasize His soon return?

I believe the Avent celebrations, although not a Biblical mandate, are a beautiful way for us to focus on the deep spiritual richness of Christmas.

I encourage you, if you do nothing else on the Bible study to go to the website listed above, print the study, and highlight some things you want to share with your family.

May the Christ of Christmas fill your hearts and flood your soul with His peace!

Love ya!

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