Friday, December 7, 2007

What on earth is Advent?

Okay. I know this was a different post, but I haven't heard from you guys.

So, let me know. Have you ever heard of advent? Have you ever celebrated in a traditional advent service?
Do you know what the four Sundays and colors and candles of Advent represent?

Just curious.......
Love ya!


Kay D said...

I have heard the word but I really don't know anything about the meaning or anything surrounding it.

Kay D said...

Well, I have read the 2 sites on Advent and now have a grasp of what it is. They were very informative. I will probably go back and read them a couple of more times to let it sink in this old brain!!
Thanks for the sites Dorinda.

Clayton and Laurie said...

I grew up in the North, where the Catholic religion is the prominent church. I grew up hearing about the advent, and being aware of this tradition. However, being raised in a Pentecostal home, this was not a tradition that our family participated in. I don't hear of alot of people who observe this unless they are of the Catholic faith.