Monday, November 24, 2008

Give Thanks in ALL Things

This week in honor of Thanksgiving, I am looking at ways to be thankful.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, "Give thanks in ALL circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

Do you want to be smack dab in the center of God's will?

Then here you go! Give thanks in ALL circumstances!

Sometimes it takes a little creativity!

Sometimes things just don't go the way they are supposed to.

Sometimes our level of comfort is changed!

Sometimes we learn to be thankful for things we previously took for granted.

Today is that "some time".

This past summer our kitchen sink got clogged up and before it was over we had two or three different plumbers at our house. It was an inconvenience, but not enormously huge, because I just took the dishes in the back yard and washed them in a big tub. (I felt like a member of the Ingalls family!)

The Roto-Rooter guys came and did something that made my sink work again! Hallelujah! They also said that if this happened again, we might have serious problems and they would need to bust up my living room floor to find the problem.

Oh, nooooooooo!

Well, here we are six months later and we have a problem.


It is a little cold to wash dishes in the back yard. (Goodbye Ingalls!)

The plumber people haven't arrived yet, and I am looking for ways to be grateful.... and they are just popping out all over the place!

I am thankful that I have always had a sink! I never knew how much I used that thing!

I am thankful that I do NOT have to do dishes outside!

I am thankful for my garbage disposal.

I am thankful for my dishwasher. (Both of those are out of commission now, too!)

I am thankful for all of the modern conveniences that I take SO MUCH for granted!

I am thankful for my kitchen drain!

I honestly have never thought about how often I use my drain.

I pour out the watered down diet coke from my glass before I get some more diet coke. (Now that is a lot of uses right there!)

I put the scraps from our plates in the garbage disposal.

I run water to wet a towel to clean my counter tops and stove.

I run water to rinse dishes.

The first day my sink was stopped up, I was just sick. I probably was not the most thankful person then. I may have even griped a little.

Ok. Well, a lot!

But today, I am thinking, I know this isn't forever. There is someone out there who has the proper tools that can fix my sink. I don't have to live like this day in and day out. I will have my conveniences back again.

Wow! The fact that I have a clogged kitchen sink means I have a home to live in. For that I am TRULY thankful!

So, things may not be working the way they should. But I am blessed and very, very,





thankful that it is my kitchen sink stopped up and not all my toilets!!!





LAURIE said...

What a great reminder that we need to count our blessings. Imagine what could be even worse than your clogged sink....if the commode was outdoors or worse yet....if diet coke was UNAVAILABLE!! -love ya.

Mary Beth said...

Don't know if this will work for you...
But when my sink and garbage disposal clogs up, I plunge it.

Get a NEW Plunger... stop up the other side... and plunge away.

It has always worked for me... of which I am thankful!

You'd think all the 'stuff' in Diet Coke would unclog your drain... it can clean rust off of cars. LOL

Jennifer said...

AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN SOMEMORE!!! I have found it hard to be thankful during some of those difficult times and I wasn't at first when "it" happened...whatever "it" was at the time but after a day of self pity...I found many things to be thankful for. Just watch tv, the news or just watch "Extreme Home Makeover"! Wow! I don't really have much to whine about or to be ungrateful for. I love to watch that show because it always puts things into prospective. I am very, very blessed and very thankful for all that God has done for me and will continue to do for me...I have life, I have breath and I have my family...nothing else matters.

Happy Thanksgiving...Blann Family! Love you guys!