Monday, June 30, 2008

Informed Citizens make Powerful Citizens

Okay. This is an election year. Everyone of you are registered voters and believe in your duty to vote- right?

It is great to let your voice be heard by voting, but voting is just a final act that should be preceded by prayer and study. Yes, you read it correctly. Prayer and Study. Study what?

I believe each citizen needs to know a candidate's stand on the issues. Research their beliefs and values. How will each candidate respond to issues that are important to you? More importantly, how will each candidate lead our great country in the issues that are important to God?

So, here are some websites that I hope you will look at and find out where these guys stand on the issues of:
Sanctity of human life- (God says Abortion is murder.)
Religious Freedoms
Dignity of Life
Health Care
and many more

Click the names to find out more:
John McCain
Barak Obama

We should begin praying now for God's will to be done in our country in November.

Christian complacency is lulling our country into a
cesspool of neglect and liberalism.
Our God is mighty and holy. His people should make a stand for the things that please Him. Let's not just sit back and let the liberal media dilude our minds with a world view. Instead, let us saturate our minds and spirits with the Truth of God's Word and return to a Biblical view.

Pray for our country!


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Sharon said...

I totally agree with you.

Also, here is another handy-dandy link, you may enjoy. It's a little out-dated, as it has Romney and Clinton still listed, but it's still good. You mark your stance on an issue, and mark how much of importance it is to you, and then it shows you how you line up with the candidates. It shows you what you agree with and disagree with on each candidate. Another resource.

I hope you got my BOW Award nomination email. (Your blog was nominated). Please let me know, either way. Thanks! :0)