Thursday, June 26, 2008

Power in Prayer to our Creator

I believe in the power of prayer!

Right now, I am asking anyone and everyone who reads this blog to pray for my mom.

Most of you know that she has major heart problems- congestive heart failure. She went to the doctor today because of fluid build up in her legs, feet and abdomen. They are hospitalizing her as I write with the hopes of draining fluid off. Her heart is now twice the size it should be. Her heart is already in a weakened condition and cannot handle much more stress on it.
I ask that you remember her and my dad in your prayers. I want a miracle. I am believing and hoping for that complete healing from my Jehovah Rapha - the Lord our Healer!

Thanks for remembering us!
love you all!

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LAURIE said...

There is power in prayer! And I am standing in the gap for you and for your family. I stand amazed even in time of difficulty and in physical weakness the faith in Gods power that I have seen your parents to continually have. I pray that their faith will not waver and that strength in their spirits will be strong as well as in your Moms body. -God bless.