Thursday, October 2, 2008

Treasures in Jars of Clay

As I left the hospital people walking past me were staring. I know they thought someone I loved just died or something.

Tears were rolling down my face.
I was trying to dry my face without smearing my mascara everywhere.

I made it to my vehicle and just sat there.

This feeling of love and joy just flooded my soul.

Wow! God is so good!

Rusty was sitting in his recliner when he phone did the "blurpy" thing letting him know he had an email.
"Honey! Come look at this!"
I read it and my heart just soared!
"Awesome! How exciting!"
There it was again!- That feeling of love and joy that just sweeps over my little soul!

I took Taylor upstairs to STARS last night. We ran into Mr. E. He had his three precious - NEW- children with him. I helped them find their Wednesday night classes.
The joy on all four of their faces was absolutely beautiful.
Pure delight.
With each moment they were discovering the wonder of family -
through the beauty of adoption.

That is what all three of these excerpts from my life are about.

I went to see a young lady who just had her baby boy. I visited with grandma and grandpa - who were beaming so brightly they could have furnished the entire hospital with electricity for the day.

I "warned" them of the "dangers" of grandparenting.... you know - how you just get absolutely senseless and all that.

They did not know our story of adoption - two fold-. So, I shared.

Grandpa, with a gleam of love and joy, looked at me and said, "Did C. ever tell you she was adopted?"

Well, that was when the waterworks started, and they didn't stop until I regained my composure in my car.


The email Rusty received was from Mr. E. letting him know that he and the Mrs. were attending a picnic that weekend to meet some children. They asked that we pray over the time for God to guide them.

At the picnic they met their family.
God ordained.
Hand picked.
Hand delivered by God.

Before Mr. and Mrs. E ever knew about these precious children, God had a plan. A plan that involved three adorable siblings being placed in a loving and caring home.

You mention the word "adoption" to me and I get all these ooey-gooey feelings in my heart.

Adoption brings so much joy to so many lives.

It breaks my heart to know that some young ladies choose to end the life of the child in their womb when so many couples would embrace that LIFE with love and tender care.
So, let me go just a step further with this today.

This is an election year. Life is PRECIOUS to God. He created us in HIS image.
There are numerous scriptures in His Word speaking of the value we are to place on life and of the value HE places on life - even in the womb!

I believe God blesses a nation that values life as He does. When we turn our backs on Him, we de-value life.

Let your vote count for LIFE!

Check out ALL of the elections and vote for the PRO-LIFE candidates- regardless of what party they belong to!

But, don't just take my word for it- check out GOD'S WORD on the subject!

Bottom line- adoption is a word that warms this mom's heart. I have been blessed beyond measure through adoption.
Spiritually - God adopted me into His family.
Physically - I personally know the true joy of my child being added to our family through adoption- and my precious grandchild that was adopted. (My two fold blessing of adoption)

Just some things to think about today.

blessings to you all!

A dear friend just sent this to me~ I have to add it to this post. It goes so well!

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Karyn said...

Thanks for posting this. It's a great reminder for all Christians who are living out a genuine faith. Karyn