Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Sniff. Sniff.
Tear. Tear.

"Honey! What is wrong!"

Tear. Tear.
Sniff. Sniff.

"I'm.... I'm having a .... a ...... I'm having a MELTDOWN!!!"

Sniff. Sniff.

"A What?! Are you okay?"

Composure regained.

"Why, yes!? Why would you ask a silly thing like that?"


And so the conversation started.


Sounds nuclear.
It sometimes feels nuclear~!

The actual meaning?
I looked up the meaning of meltdown. According to wikipedia it is:

Meltdown- a particular kind of fit or temper tantrum that occurs in babies and young children.

I feel mature.

But ya know, hormonal women can bring a new and clear definition to the lovely term.

The LAD Dictionary (different from the LAD version of the Bible) - Life According to Dorinda-

Meltdown- the verb of action immediately following the intense feeling of "overwhelmed". This "meltdown" action does not last long. It usually coincides and subsides with the surge and leveling of the hormone, estrogen, in a woman's body. Once stability and sanity is regained in a woman's life, the verb of action "meltdown", once again, is referred to in children. The actions associated with "meltdown are most often crying, sniffling, moaning, and repeated sighing. It is advised that once a female is in a crisis meltdown state to refrain from excessive questioning, talking, touching, and staring. (There is nothing you can do! She will recover. She is a woman.)

I decided to elaborate on my topic from yesterday "Overwhelmed". I had emails and comments that let me know I had found common ground with you ladies.

I told a friend that I struggled with the post because I didn't want to sound "whiny". But I think you all need to know we are ALL human. We all have those days where we get a little overwhelmed. We feel like we are supposed to complete many more tasks than humanly possible, but we put that pressure on ourselves.

If we keep it up without letting the peace of God rule our hearts, the result will be a "meltdown". Now, please understand, there can be ok meltdowns and there can be "nuclear meltdowns". In my LAD version, nuclear meltdowns do not glorify God.

A normal meltdown is basically just releasing that pent up emotion we women hold in. We are emotional creatures. We are nurturing souls. We want our spouses and our children to be well cared for and thriving. Sometimes- well most of the time, the sense of feeling overwhelmed, which can lead to a meltdown - is because we take on the responsibility of caring for our spouses and children all by ourselves. We inadvertently leave our Redeemer, our Savior, our Creator, our Almighty God out of the equation of our hectic lives.

Thus~ resulting in a meltdown.

Nuclear meltdown (according to the LAD) is a loss of temper, anger, rage, and all those things that do not exemplify a woman of God.

Meltdown is just releasing some emotion from the fact that we tried to do it by ourselves.

We are responsible for our meltdown moments.
What we say.
What we do.
What we think.
Even how we respond.

How do we make sure we glorify God even in a meltdown moment?

Well, it doesn't start at that moment. It starts in the good times. When life is rosy and peachy and just summer breezy, picnic-y wonderful. We pour the Word of God into our hearts, planting seeds of peace and goodness and patience and kindness and self-control.... you know- the seeds you plant in order to reap a harvest of Fruit of the Spirit.

Then, when the life of chaos shows up on your doorstep, you just go to your little orchard and reap a harvest of the Fruit of the Spirit.

Awwwww. Trust me. This post-hysterectomy woman knows the feeling of being overwhelmed and the occasional meltdown IS going to happen.
But for our spouse's sakes and the sake of our children- let's plant that orchard now! Or if you have planted it, make sure you have dug up the weeds of bitterness and frustration.

And~ when you feel the meltdown coming, remember to release EVERYTHING back into God's hands and the meltdown may be avoided.

That's right.
Let Him worry about your child's grades.
Let Him take care of your spouse's health.
Let Him be the Great I AM in your life.

He said to Moses, "I Am that I Am".

I Am your Healer.
I Am your Deliverer.
I Am your Prince of Peace.
I Am your Provider.
I Am your Shelter.
I Am your Righteousness.
I Am your Creator.
I Am your Redeemer.
I Am your Savior.
I Am the Lover of your soul.

(So, please let Him be what you need!)

wow! That felt good!

love you ladies!

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