Monday, September 29, 2008


We just get like that sometimes.

Life starts spinning in these crazy circles and we can't seem to get off the freeway of lunacy.

In the last three weeks I have sat in doctors' offices for a total of around 20 hours (including travel time) with my children, my husband, and even the dog. Add to that the hours I have spent taxi-ing around my kids. Then add the number of hours spent watching my children at sporting events.

To say my life has been chaotic is an understatement.
But please understand- I LOVE my life!

The taxi-cab mom job is something I am extremely thankful for.
The nurse- mom position, I would not hand over to anyone for anything! They are my babies and I love taking care of them!
Watching my children participate in events they enjoy is one of my favorite past times.
Being the wife of the most awesome man on the face of the earth is a role I treasure and enjoy.

I'll take the craziness of my life forever and always.
I like it. I love it. Actually- I want some more of it! (Isn't that a rock song?)

But, it doesn't change the fact that-
The laundry is piled HIGH- (clean but not folded and put neatly away).
My refrigerator has a few too many reminders of meals gone by.
Finding socks each morning has become a chore I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
And on top of all that, my wonderful, blessed computer is dying a slow, painful, and ugly death. But, it came back from the dead last week- a miracle from a very gracious God!

With all of that said, I think the thing that "overwhelms" me the most is the cares of my dear friends and church family. I would just love to have lunch with everybody every week, spend time with them and let them know that our Blessed Hope is worth waiting for. I want to give all my friends a big hug and say, "Hang in there. It will get better!" I want to be a PERSONAL encourager to so many people.

I can't physically do ALL of those things.

But, I can do somethings.

Which is where I have to pray and choose. My heart hurts when I know a friend is hurting. But more than a lunch date or a text message or an email, I can pray for people. I can intercede for their hurts, their loneliness, their sickness, and even their "overwhelmed" lives.

"I can do all things THROUGH Christ, who strengthens me."

The New LAD Version puts it like this (Life according to Dorinda):

I can pick up the kids, take them to every practice and every game. I can make sure my family is fed and clothed (in clean clothes with socks on their feet - maybe not always matching socks- but they will have clean socks on) daily. I can appreciate my wonderful, handsome husband and be the best wife to him (Oh, how he deserves so much better.). I can cheer my kids on in school, life, and sports. I can be their for my hurting friends. I can be the pastor's wife God has called me to be. I can be the church staff person God has called me to be. I can do ALL things - but ONLY through Christ- who is my Savior, my deliverer, my redeemer, the lover of my soul- who strengthens me!

So, to all my sweet friends:
I love you! You are precious! and I have prayed for you- if I KNOW you are going through a rough time. If you haven't let me know - then shame on you! Let's hold each other up and encourage one another.

Here are some tips to help yourself not be overwhelmed with the lunacy of life:

1) List only 10 things that you want to accomplish before you go to bed tonight.
2) Start on the most pressing and important thing and do not do anything else until that one is completed.
3) Do something nice for your spouse and children.
4) Laugh! Even if you are sitting in a room by yourself. Just start laughing. It will only take about 5 seconds of "forced" laughter before it just bubbles out!
5) Don't stress over laundry and a clean house. (Do it tomorrow!)
6) Look at your calendar for the week and make sure you know every one's practice/game schedule and doctor's appointments.
7) Make sure you spend time with God today. Invite Christ into every aspect of your life.
8) For every negative or complaint you have with a spouse and child, thank God verbally for three things about them.
9) Develop a heart of gratitude.
10) Lay out every one's clothes AND socks for tomorrow, tonight before you go to bed.

So here is to a full, vibrant and vivacious life of nursing, cheering, taxi-ing, and loving!

I say, "Bring it on! I can do it! I am a woman strengthened by her Savior!
I love having an overwhelmed life!




Karyn said...

Thanks for this blog. I'm always so encouraged to see how God is using sites such as this one.

Renee Jumper said...

I love my life too!! We are not overwhelmed just in demand!!! I love your blogs--I look forward to them so much! You are an amazing example of what God desires his girls to be. Thanks so much.

Jennifer said...

I can completely relate to feeling overwhelmed! Seems to be the story of my life also. I wish I could unload some of the things that are overwhelming me right now but I can't and they will take care of themselves in time with God's help and my prayers:)

Thanks for always being so real!

I love you!


Angelia Carpenter said...

Oh My Goodness!
If you only knew my day! You spoke the words of Jesus to me!! Thank you Dorinda! You Rock!!