Monday, September 15, 2008

The Day We Became a Family

For most American families, a child is born and 18 years later your heart is ripped in two as you drive them away to college.
Eighteen years ago, a love for a child was born in our hearts. We haven't driven her to college but we packed her up and Rusty drove her to Washington, D.C. Our heart is ripped with emotion. Sad because they are so far away, yet happy, because they are fulfilling God's purposes for their lives.
Eighteen years we have been a family. Eighteen years I have had the privilege of being called "mom". Eighteen years I have been blessed.
September 15th is our "Gotcha Day" for Glenda. It is a very special day in our hou
sehold. Today it is celebrated long distance. :(
To My Daughter, Glenda:
God blessed this mother's heart when He placed in you in our home and in our hearts.
You are a beautiful woman of God and I am so very proud of you.
To watch God move in your life has been one of the greatest joys I have known.
To see you submit yourself time and time again to His perfect plan for you has been amazing.
Thank you for loving us back.
Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Thank you for giving us the most delightful granddaughters a Noni and Big Daddy could ask for. (We love you too, Brad!)
But most of all,
Thank you for being you!
You are a treasure for which I am forever thankful!
I love you more than words can say!
Here's to a hundred more Gotcha Days!
love you!


LAURIE said...

She is a beautiful young lady, and I believe she has your smile!

Mary Beth said...

How blessed you are and how blessed Glenda is to have a mom like you!

Beautiful mom, beautiful daughter.

Cindy said...

If I recall previous posts your daughter is an adopted child just like mine are.

What a precious gift God has blessed you with. I'm sure you miss her but it is wonderful to see how God is using her.

Blessings, Cindy

macymiamom said...

Wow. I JUST now got our internet up and this is the first thing I see. I love you too, Mom. I have been thinking about September 15th of 1990 ever since I woke up this morning...these have been the best 18 years of my life. I love my family soooooo much!