Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday, Mackenzie!

Happy 13th Birthday,


I can't believe she is 13!!!

My sweet little baby girl- my first little preemie. (Most of you didn't know that.)

What can I say about my beautiful daughter?

That she makes my heart smile.

That her smile lights up a room.

That her laugh is like music to my ears.

That she is SOOOO talented!~ writing, drawing, singing, flute, AND athletic (like her mom... NOT!)

That she makes me laugh when she stumbles and falls..... :D

She is absolutely precious!!

Being a mother is such a gift from God! I don't want to take any day for granted. So, May 16th is a wonderful day. Mackenzie tried to make it for her sister's wedding on May 4th, but the doctor didn't want her to come that early. With my complete bed rest, we made her wait until the 16th. Her due date wasn't until the end of June.

Happy Birthday my Peanut! I love you more than you will ever know!

I pray you know that your true beauty is on the inside of you (although you definitely have the outer beauty also!).

I see greatness in you too! You can do all that God has planned for you! Your destiny begins with the choices you make today. Choose wisely ~ each and every step leads you either closer to Him or away from Him. My prayer is that you always follow after Jesus with everything inside of you.
I pray you continually,

Seek His Face.
Pursue an intimate relationship with the Savior.

Know His Truth.
Gain ultimate reality about His Kingdom.

Imitate His Ways.
Live Just like Jesus.

Love His Word.
Desire passionate revelation of His Nature.

Live His Will.
Submit daily to His Purpose.

I love you more than you will ever know! You make me proud.....

hApPy bIrThDaY!



Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Mackenzie!!!

Dorinda, again you and Pastor Rusty have raised another amazing child who a precious heart, godly young lady that is beautiful...inside and out!

Happy Birthday again, Mackenzie!

macymiamom said...

I love everything about Mackenzie! You put it sooooo well! I love you little sis!