Friday, May 1, 2009

Purity Retreat 2009

Purity is Power Retreat 2009
I posted on my facebook status the other day about our Purity Retreat - "I think Purity Retreat is the most "awesomest" thing we have ever done as a church."
The Purity Retreat for 4th - 6th grade girls began six years ago out of the heart of our assistant pastor's wife, Becky Harness, aka Karate Woman.
Becky has a passion for young girls to know that they are created unique, beautiful and special by their Creator. She is an amazingly talented lady of God who knows how to communicate effectively to young people.
For the past six years little ladies have learned how to dress modestly, act appropriately, and how to KNOW that they are beautiful. Our society and culture has such a negative impact on the self esteem of our young girls. The Purity is Power Retreat helps to negate that influence the media makes on the lives of the girls who attend.
As a mother of two girls who attend the Purity is Power Retreat I can't say enough good things about it. My girls understand that looks, clothes, and boys do not bring them value. They know that God designed each of them beautiful and unique and that their lives are a treasure to Him.
So, it may be another year before our next Purity Retreat, but I encourage every mother of an adolescent girl~ "Send them to Purity is Power Retreat!" You will not regret it!
[These pictures are of our Purity is Power service this past Wednesday. The girls were honored for signing the Purity Covenant and Sis. Becky gave an overview of what Purity Retreat is all about. ]
The Purity Covenant is based on Philippians 4:8
Thank you Sis. Becky! You are awesome!


Shannon said...

Amen!! Both of my younger girls attended the Purity is Power Retreats and I am so thankful for Becky. What an awesome message for girls of that age to grasp ... if only I had been told! At 15 and 16 my girls are standing strong in committments they made at those retreats! Praise the Lord!!!

LAURIE said...

It is very awesome. I cannot tell you how many other friends I have told about this great ministry and they have started something similiar in their church. Anna went thru it every year and now helps as a "helper". The things that she has learned about purity and what NOT to wear has always stuck with her. Oh the times we have been out at the store or in a resturant and anna would lean over and say to me "SHE is not dressed appropriately!!" A great ministry Sis Becky... -love, Laurie

Beth in NC said...

This sounds wonderful Dorinda! Purity is so important. What a wonderful ministry!