Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Emotional Healing: Trophy or Treasure?


I have a few trophies from my teen years.
I think they are in a box in my attic.
My memory escapes me as to why I "earned" them.
(I can tell you for absolute sure that not one of them is for a sporting event!) ha!

They are dusty, tarnished and abandoned.
When they were new, I displayed them with pride. The sense of accomplishment and conquest made me feel good
about myself.

Since I am the most blessed woman on the face of this great earth [ :) ], I have quite a few treasures.
My treasures are my pride and joy. I cherish them, protect them, and adore them.
Their value is beyond measure and only a fool would not wisely guard something so valuable.
My treasures cannot be traded, sold or even lose their value. My treasures only gain value with the passing of time.
My treasures have names: Rusty, Jordan, Mackenzie, Taylor, Glenda, Brad, Macy and Mia. Other treasures are my salvation, my integrity, my character, and my calling.
There are massive differences between my trophies and my treasures, as with most people.
My question to you ladies today is this:
Are YOU a "Trophy" or a "Treasure"?
Does your husband, boyfriend of family treat you as a "Trophy" or a "Treasure"?
Which do you want to be?
If you choose Treasure, then are you making choices that reflect your true value that God has placed inside of you?
My prayer and my longing for you today is to KNOW WHO you are IN Christ! You ARE a Treasure! Live like. Choose like it. Know it!
Oh! I have a TREASURE of a friend who started a new blog yesterday. It touched my heart. She will be sharing her journey from Brokenness to Beauty. To read her first entry click here.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud to post that I am a "treasure" and I have so many "treasures" with names - Douglas, Joseph, Ben, Mom, Bob, Robbie, Dan, Mark, Glenda, Wayne, Kathy, Sherry, Shane, Kara, Hayze, Morgan, Makenna, Michelle, Justin, Madison, Micah, Daniel, Zack, Sarah Beth, Jake, Abby, Dale, Darrell, Bubba, Earl, Debbie, Jason, Jerra Kaye, Jake ... on and on and on...the blessings of having treasure in large families. I true have a treasure in my Lord and Savior. What a post! Loved it!

SanDe said...

Ahhh ... love the re-emphasis He gives me on what He wants me to know.

"To KNOW who I am in Him" .... actually check out this site. It personalises your identity


LAURIE said...

Nice post today Dorinda. Trophy or treasure ... we got to know who we are in Christ. :)