Friday, April 24, 2009

A Pulpit or a Deep Pit?

I was sitting here working on my blog- thinking, praying~ not having any direction.

I was totally blank.

(A rare occasion). :)

My husband walks in the rooms and says let me read what I am posting on my blog today.


His post follows well with what I posted yesterday, so I am giving you a link directly to his.

Just click here and you will go to his blog. Enjoy.

(His is the most anointed preacher/teacher I have EVER heard.) And I love him SO much.

Be blessed!


SanDe said...

Maybe blank for a reason ....:) Aint it a great way to compliment each other anyway?!

Oh and your man is right. To know, to be in relationship with Him so tight that NOTHING causes us to hide our reactions to Him, that we cannot but brag on Him, desperately, ..... there is a depth and a substance in that truth which I want to feed and water and grow. To know Him and His sufferings .......!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys have been married 25 years! That's rare these days, Congratulations!