Sunday, April 26, 2009

Treasures in Jars of Clay

I've just been thinking.....

When I started this blog and had to come up with a name for it, I did it on a whim. (typical me)

I liked the verse about "treasures in jars of clay" and had just spoken at a Women's Conference on the subject~ so, the topic was fresh in my mind.

Little did I know that my little "whim" was going to become such a passion of mine~ and I am not just talking about blogging. I am talking about my Mission Statement for this blog:

"Helping women discover the Treasure God has placed in them"

So, here are some more thoughts and maybe even a snid bit of a story............


She handed me the picture and I refrained from gasping as I looked at a reflection of her with bruises and two black eyes.

Anger immediately began boiling inside of me!

What cowardly beast would leave a woman looking like this?

We sat and listened. Many words were spoken. Tears flowed.

I was still in shock.
Not so much at the pictures and the story but from what I was hearing.

What I saw and knew was this~ a beautiful, energetic and intelligent young lady sat in front of me.

What I heard was this~ I am fat, stupid and worthless.

No. She didn't say those words per say, but her story said she believed it.

My husband is the "Biblical counselor". I was just there as the accountability chaperon since it was a weekend, but I wanted to grab her and say, "WHO~ WHO has been telling you all these lies?! WHO would have to audacity to try to make you think that you are not the amazing, beautiful young lady that you are?!!"

She IS a treasure!
She IS precious!
She IS loved by her heavenly Father!
She DOES have a future!
She DOES have VALUE!
She IS Special!

After over 25 years of ministry, the details may change a little, but the bones of the story are the same~ Satan has come in to a beautiful young life and began telling her a little lie at a time. Little by little a gorgeous precious princess begins to believe the lie. Before long, she is wrapped up in the enemy's web of deception and entrapped in his yoke of bondage. She feels worthless and rejected~ thinking she deserves everything she has gotten.

After over 25 years of ministry my heart still breaks and my anger still boils! My anger boils at the enemy and the putrid lies he sells so cheap to such precious women God longs to free from the deceiver's grip.

Once again my passion for the purpose of this blog is renewed.
I hope to share some more in the coming weeks on the basics of breaking free from the bondage of the enemy's lies.

Pray with me that God will lead, direct and anoint!

Pray with me that these precious ladies will know that they can find their Treasure in Jars of Clay!


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Anonymous said...


It needs to be said repeatedly, women must become convinced of the truth. You asked "Who? Who has told you these lies?" Women tell themselves these lies, based on negative words/actions from their past.

Keep up this wonderful ministry, Dorinda. Daughters of the King need to hear this, as do future daughters of the King!