Friday, April 17, 2009

Timing is Everything!

I have two struggles in my life. One of my greatest goals is that by the time I see Jesus face to face I will have conquered them.

Those of you who are like my Mack and want to know all the juicy details are saying, "What! What?! What are they!"

The first one haunted me from the time I was a pre-schooler. I procrastinated the chore even then.
One of my mom's famous stories about me is when she was teaching me to put my clothes away. My job was to put my undies in the drawer and put my dresses on a hanger in my closet (it had a low rod).

After a couple of weeks, she started missing my clothes. ~not in the laundry and not in my room. She began a search and found the answer to why I had "caught on" to my new chore so quickly.

She found all of my freshly laundered clothes stuffed under my mattress.

Well, I don't stuff my laundry under a mattress anymore, but it is something I cannot seem to get "victory" over! ha!

The other "struggle" I have is what I want to talk about today.


yep. You guessed it.

It slips away from me like butter on a pancake!
And sometimes, [shock] I am not on time....
ok., well more than sometimes, I am .....

There, I said it!

You know it's bad when.....
  • On Sunday mornings, if people pull in the parking lot at church when I do, they KNOW they are late.
  • People ask if everything is ok when you ARE on time.
  • Your kids run out of the door with their shoes in their hands, yelling, "Hurry!", when you haven't even told them what time it is.
Those of you who know me are laughing about now. [ Shame on you if you are judging me. ]
Those of you who don't know me are thinking, "is she for real!"

Well, it may not be THAT bad, but it sadly is a trait I am known for.

Does that mean I give up and don't try to correct it?

No way!

I am working on ways to constantly improve my issues in this area....
  • like laying out clothes the night before
  • having a spot for everything so I don't spend valuable time looking for stuff
  • training my kids to do stuff themselves
  • getting up earlier (I've been with out sleep for 10 years now.... ha! jk)

One thing I have learned in my perpetual quest to master this problem is~

Timing is Everything! ~ or so it seems.

Most of you know that we are in the middle of the Beth Moore Esther study.

Today was Bible Study day! I LOVED it. God spoke to my heart about so many things. One of them was regarding Isaiah 40:31.....

"Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength."

Sometimes it is really hard to wait, because as she said in the video, "Our culture trains us to be impatient."

Hmmmmm... How true is that?!!!

Everything is new and improved to serve us better and faster.

We get accustomed to that and feel devalued when we have to wait.

Poor us!

Well, I am working on my timing issues on both sides - on promptness and on waiting.

I bet, that anything God has for us is....

"Worth the Wait"!




LAURIE said...

This weeks Beth Moore lesson / video was incredible. Not only to seek Gods direction for when the time is right but when to know the time has not come. Oh if we could only discern this principle! PS: When I peel into the church parking lot and see you arriving also ... I don't think you are late, I think "good I'm not late" - after all if more than one us are arriving at the same time, doesn't that make everybody else just early? We are RIGHT on time. (yeah whatever...but it sounds good!)

Jennifer said...

I am in complete agreement with Laurie...everyone else should slow down, take breath and not get to church so stinking early! They must not have a life! LOL! I can say that because...I'm arriving the same time as you guys! Great minds and bodies...think alike.