Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Treasure Chest

When I first started my blog, I ended each post with some resources out of my "Treasure Chest".
I stopped it because it was such a hassle posting the picture at the end and all the details (I am NOT a detail person!!!) that came with sharing information.
So...... I am going to try to bring the Treasure Chest back in a post by itself. I will do this periodically~ so ya just have to watch for it. :)
This weeks Treasure Chest Feature is a wealth of information and resources for mom's of teens.
The blog "Virtue Alert" by Vickie Courtney is amazing! I love her candid and humorous approach to scrutinizing our carnal culture. She gives you tips on things to avoid and issues to dive into head on.
To view her blog, just click <here>. When you do visit her blog, allow at least 30 minutes to browse all the links she has. There is also a blog for your teen daughter! It's not a bad place for mom's of teen boys either. Learn what virtuous girls should avoid~ and help your son make wise choices.
Excuse me while I take a trip to the "Virtue Alert"!

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