Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vacation Memoirs

Blann Vacation 2009
We are on the eve of heading home from a long and wonderful family vacation.
From Memphis to Canada to NYC to DC to Williamsburg, we feel like we have been gone for years, although it has only been two weeks.
We started out with a gusto, anxious to see the sights and experience new adventures. We leave with a heart felt ache for home and the familiar.

We have laughed so hard our sides hurt. We have been cranky. We have even cried. We have stood in awe at the wonders of God's creation.
Our first major stop was in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. This was the first time our youngest, Taylor, left the country. Passports in hand we crossed the border into Canada. (Our kids have replayed the border crossing several times re-in acting mine and Rusty's answers to Border Patrol's questions. ~ Hilarious!)Within minutes our mouths gaped open in astonishment at the beauty of the Falls! Even now, I remember the looks on my kids faces as they saw the majesty of God's creation.
From Canada we started long trek number two to New York City where we were meeting our daughter and her family. As much as our kids stood in amazement at the Falls, again they stood in amazement at enormity of the city. What fun we had in NYC! My favorite things were the Statue of Liberty, eating pizza in Times Square, and of course, m&ms world! (It was an m&m collector's dream!)
I have to put the picture in here of the window washer on the Empire State building! Whatever he makes, trust me, it is NOT enough!!

After New York City we traveled to our daughter's house outside of DC. We had planned on seeing a few things in DC, but we were exhausted so we took a break and just relaxed before heading to Williamsburg.
The last leg of our journey has been here in Williamsburg. The kids have been in amusement park heaven! We haven't even begin to see all there is to see in this vacation "mecca".
While here in this historical city we have enjoyed our family time together. Our favorite past time has always been going to the movies together. This is where we have cried together. Last night we watched "My Sister's Keeper". Tear Jerker. (There were fewer sibling squables on the way home.) The unsaid emotions were felt more than spoken.
We are a family. Strong. Loving. Diverse. Unified. Our time with our daughter and her family were moments we cherish. Our time with our three at home is priceless. We make memories one moment at a time.
Tomorrow, (0r today for most of you reading this) we will be in our vehicle making a 14 hour trip home. I am certain we will be cranky and short with each other before will pull into West Memphis, but I am also certain deep down we will all cherish each memory we have made in this 2,000+ mile trip.

I look forward to seeing my home, my parents, my sister, my friends, my church family, and MY BED! I look forward to spending more time with this crew I call my family as we continue our journey in life.
For now, I am packing and getting ready to head home! You know you have had a great vacation when you are ready to get back to the routines of life like laundry and cooking and working! And that- we are ready for!
Arkansas! Here we come!
woo hoo!!

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