Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Taylor!

My 11 year old Birthday Girl!
Isn't she just gorgeous!!!
I love my TayBug!!
It's that time of year again! Taylor's birthday!
We celebrate every year by remembering all that God did for us - and in her life!
If you don't know her story, you may click the links below to my past blogs.
God is faithful!
**W A R N I N G ** Before reading these- grab a tissue! :)
Last year ~Full story
Happy Birthday Taylor!
May you fulfill God's purposes for your life each and every day! Thank you for bringing so much sunshine and joy to our lives!
I love you sweet girl! You always make my heart smile!
blessings to all!
May this post help you remember God always has the last Word! :)

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Tonya said...


What a wonderful testimony! I clicked on your post from last year and read about all of the miracles that God performed for Taylor. I can only imagine what wonderful things God has in store for her and how your story has been used to minister to others. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating her birthday.

God Bless,

Tonya Pankey