Monday, July 28, 2008

Blessings taken for Granted

I am home!!!!

How wonderful! How comfortable! and How precious!

I love my bed, my house, my dog, my bed, my couch, my kitchen, my bed... and the list goes on.

I have enjoyed my travels, missions, and vacations - but oh, how I love where I live.

My 9 year old got home and hopped on her bike the other day. My mind immediately went back to Ecuador. (Again, I wish I could post some pictures... but, my computer is aging..)

Anyway, there were a brother and sister at our work site campground, ages 9 and 10 I think. According to the Barbers, these children had very little. The little boy's birthday was July 12 and all he wanted was a bicycle. Bro. Barber told him to pray about it.

That was all our team needed to hear. We rounded up the money and off we went to purchase not one, but two bicycles. (The trip by itself is a whole other blog.)

When I returned with the bikes, we had brother and sister close their eyes. My husband and son wheeled them in. "Open your eyes!" The little boy's bike was right in front of both of them. They were so excited. Sister didn't see hers. She was jumping up and down for brother. Then when a team member pointed to her bike, she was ecstatic!

They jumped on them. We took pictures. Then I received a hug and kiss from both of them. Then they jumped back on their bikes.

It was pure joy to watch them receive something they would never have gotten otherwise. But my true blessing came a few minutes later.

Everything had settled down and we were headed back to work. I heard a "Senora! Senora!" I turned around and was smothered in the biggest embrace and sweetest kiss ever! "Gracias! Muchos Gracias!" Another kiss and hug.

Tears filled my eyes. There had been "thanks" the first time around surrounded with the excitement and emotion. The second time there was heart felt gratitude that enveloped my heart. Their response was beyond thankful. They truly appreciated the gifts and were enormously grateful.

I received the true gift. It is definitely more blessed to give than to receive.

So, being at home, watching my children ride their bikes, splash in the pool and sleep in their OWN beds in our home are blessings that I too often take for granted.

Thank you God for everything!



Jennifer said...

Amen! I experienced the same joy last year in Ecuador by giving gifts to the pastor, his wife and 3 children...pure joy over things we take foregranted everyday. I believe that I received as much from that trip as we gave to the village people. I think that our children need to go on one of those trips to realized how blessed they are spoiled he is:) I know that I came home with a greater appreciation for what I have...compared to the "richest" family in Ecuador...I would be a zillionaire. Our poorest family in the United States would be considered wealthy in that country. God bless the USA! In my worst of financial times...I would be considered still extremely wealthy compared to any one of those people in Ecuador.

Thanks for reminding me blessed I am and how blessed my family is.

fritzwoman said...

Pastor Rusty said something at service yesterday that rang true in my spirit ... We are blessed of God not to increase our Living but to increase our Giving .... and it is sooo true that it is returned pressed down and over flowing ...i am catching up on all of my emails and blogs and saw this so it again reminded me of our blessed lives...