Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gringos in Ecuador

Well, I keep hearing all of these tidbits of stories from South America. I will just have to sort it all out when I get there Friday night. :)

It seems, a couple of guys were stopped in town - and they didn't have their passports on them. Bro. Phil came to their rescue.

Everyone is doing well and working hard. Some of the team are laying tile, some are working on bunkbeds, and some are cleaning up before and after the ones laying tile and making bunkbeds. :)

Tonight as I spoke with Rusty, the Ecuadorian "superbowl" is on tv and some of the guys are in the lobby watching it. Sandra happens to be a huge fan of the soccer team and according to Rusty, her "fan-ism" rivals his "hog-ism"! hmmmmmmm............ She must be SOME soccer fan!

Foggers have been placed in all of the rooms to hopefully get rid of the pesky little black bugs that are there. Will somebody pleeeeeeease pray that those foggers work by Friday! If I asked once, I asked several times, "Is it head lice?" The answer was a constant "no".

Well, wouldn't you want to know?

Keep them all in your prayers.
More news as soon as I get it!

blessings and prayers!


LAURIE said...

Keep your suitcase closed when you are there...the little lizards may find their way in. (yea...they were on the wall in our room ... hope you don't sleep with your mouth open!!??!)

We have so much to be thankful for here in the states...LIKE PEST CONTROL!

Have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Hey y'all want me and angel to send some

Anonymous said...

I just read this I know its a little late, but I think the next time ya'll go on a mission trip to a place like this I will meet you there, I think I can do something about the bugs??? Jeremy W.