Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today I went to a funeral. My grandmother's sister passed away.
I miss my grandmother.

After the funeral I saw pictures of my mom when she was Mack's age. I looked at pictures of my grandmother when she was Glenda's age. Mackenzie looks just like my mom and grandmother. Amazing.

Life in four generations. Life passes so quickly.

We forget that life is not about the here and now, it is about the hereafter- where my grandmother and great aunt are now.

Life is about getting ready for eternity~ eternity with Jesus.

I read an email where a baby was born yesterday~ a sweet baby boy about to experience the warmth and love of his earthly parents and grandparents.

If Jesus tarries, in 70 or 80 years this baby will begin his eternity with or without Jesus.

Life passes so quickly. This life is about preparing for eternity.

What preparations have you made?
Will you spend eternity with or without Jesus?

It passes so quickly.


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LAURIE said...

sorry to hear of the death in your family. Life is precious and each moment should be treasured. Thanks for sharing today. -blessings, Laurie