Sunday, February 8, 2009

Character or Carnality?

Last week was kind of a tough week in the Blann home.

Not anything of major proportions- no illnesses or major catastrophes, just those tough moments when you have to choose - character or carnality. And I'm talking about all 5 of us. It kind of all crescendoed on Thursday.

But~ I ~along with the rest of my family learned some lessons and I pray we grew in our faith as followers of Jesus Christ.

I learned that God is a much better parent than I ever hope to be.
I learn more about God by being a parent.

There are times - this past week was one of them - that I want to make everything easier for my kids. I want to go nose to nose with a coach, a teacher, or a peer and give them the "what for" because they cause pain or hurt to my children. But I know that my children will grow into better adults if I let them learn to face these issues themselves.

I have to say, I love and respect my kids a lot, but after this week, I think I have some pretty awesome kiddos! :)

Without sharing too much information about our personal lives let me say that we have all cried this past week. There have been hurt feelings and hurt pride. The ones who either unknowingly or knowingly hurt my children, I honestly wanted to simply BOP them upside their head!

But my children!..... What examples they have been to their carnal mom! I have been amazed that at their young ages they chose character over carnality.

I don't think I would have chosen that path when I was their age. As a matter of fact, I know that I didn't.

During one of our long talks with one of the kids, I heard God speak to my heart to share His wisdom. After I spoke the words, I knew they came from God and not me. I want to sum that conversation up for you and share His wisdom:

"YOU are the only one who determines your character.
God has already determined your value."

We choose our character by one choice at a time.
God chose our value by one choice for all time.

Character is built by attitudes, beliefs, circumstances and decisions.
Our value was determined by the sacrifice of God's only Son on our behalf.

When we choose to live by godly character we live up to the value He placed in us.

Everyone has character - rather good or bad.

We must choose what face our character will have.
Will it look like Jesus, or will it look like the world?

Character or Carnality?
Which do you choose?

Just some thoughts for you to think about on this Monday in February.....



lheustes said...

Isn't it amazing that kids in every home have to choose between character and carnality? I talk to my boys about this everyday it seems. It is amazing how much influence the world has on our teens and young adults. The pressures of the world are enormous. Your post today really hit home. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

I am so proud of those Blann kids! I know that you guys are!!!

It is extremely hard to be a kid in the world that we are living in, in the schools that they attend and having some of the adult figures that are in their lives 8 hours/5 days a week/9 months out of a year...well, aren't always godly examples.

I know what you are talking about on several of those example issues. We, as parents...sometimes, it is all we can do...but, we have to encourage, speak the Word of God and pray for them...we can't fight their battles. Boy, do I want to so many times! I know that if I do, then what will happen when he goes to college, gets a job, has a wife, kids? He won't know how to handle issues that will arise daily. So, at this time in their lives, they have to learn from an early age how to handle things that are appropriate for them. If it is something beyond their years...that is where we have to step in.

You guys have raised amazing children!!!