Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We are in the middle of the Daniel Fast. While I am not doing the "true" Daniel Fast, I am doing without some things that I easily crave and long for.

This morning I woke up thirsty.
My mouth was dry and parched and I wanted a drink.

I felt as if I had swallowed cotton balls in my sleep. There was a dry dessert in my body and I craved - craved-

.....not diet coke!

but ice, cold water!!!!

I went to the frig and grabbed the cold bottle and guzzled it down.

Thirst quenching.

To really understand the significance of this event, you would have to know me, and know that this is a MAJOR miracle. =)

Before this Daniel Fast I have had a Diet Coke in my hand - constantly.

Never drinking water.

Never drinking ANYTHING except.... Diet Coke.

As I was praying last week, I asked God to help this be a life style change, not just a Daniel Fast thing. I am not saying that I want to NEVER drink a Diet Coke again, I just want to be healthier.

I felt God give me some direction on how to achieve that, and His plan is working. I mean BIG TIME.... because we are going on a cruise next week, and last night, I didn't worry about having to pay big bucks for a Diet Coke (if I can't get the drink card) but I worried about not having a cold bottle of water every morning....

Ok..... now that I have shared all of that, let me share what His Spirit was speaking to me this morning. ....

Sometimes we get spiritually dry and parched.

We go through the motions of "spiritual" things, but there is no refreshing, there is no hydration of our spirits.

We get so busy with life and even "spiritual" activity that we deny ourselves the very thing we need the most-

Intimate relationship with Christ.

I'm not talking about religion. (Religion gets in the way SO VERY MUCH!!!!)
I'm not talking about a lay-m-down-to-sleep prayer.
I'm not talking about doing the right things.
yada yada yada......

I'm talking about INTIMATE time with Jesus.

If you have ever experienced it, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Thirsting for His presence.

Longing for time with just Him.

Knowing Him in such an intimate way that you feel His voice and sense His nearness. His breath is on your soul as a lover before a passionate kiss.

The honesty of that face to face passion is the intimacy our spirit craves in the deepest sense.

When that intimacy takes place, nothing in our lives compares.
We are drenched in His presence; soothed with His peace; bathed in His love.

His holiness becomes a focus.
Our humanity screams at it's frailty.

Then as we humble ourselves before Him, He covers us with righteousness.

I long for Him over and over again.

I get so frustrated at myself that I let life get in the way, that I shove Him to the side so many times in the name of religion.

I'm thirsty.

I want to drink of His righteousness and His saturating presence.

My prayer for you today is that you sit at His feet and breathe in Who He is, drink from His cup and be refreshed by His Spirit. May you KNOW Him as never before. May you long for Him and not be satisfied with the hum drum of religion- go for the real thing- the true, intimate relationship with the Savior!




Michele Williams said...

I am thirsting for Jesus! Amen!

lheustes said...

It is so amazing how blogs or emails pop up at just the right time. I had emailed a personal friend of mine this morning and conveyed that only by the grace of God did I survive the last five years. I realize now more than ever it was because I was "thirsty" for Him. Many hours of prayer and being on my knees and letting God guide me rather than me guiding myself made all the difference. I sometimes forget how "dry" I am - small reminders are always welcome. Thanks as always for sharing and enjoy your cruise.

Jennifer said...

Great post! The exact same thing happened to me several mornings this week. I was so thirsty when I work up and all I wanted was water...not Diet DP or fruit juice...just water. You know me...it is just as strange of an encounter with me as it was with you.

Our desire has been since January to get healthy...not diet, but a lifestyle change. Roger has lost 17 pounds and me...well, 4! Grrrr! He needs it worse than me with some of his health issues...how can I get mad at him getting healthy and living longer with me! LOL! I might get another 18 years out of him! Hehehe!

Treasure Seeker said...

and we might keep more brain cells so we can enjoy our long life- and know about it!!! :)

drinking water like i have - my body feels clean. weird to try to describe it, but i will drink a diet coke now and then, but this time around i have developed a true enjoyment of ice cold water!

my body is probably delirious with delight! ha1

Angela said...

When that intimacy takes place, nothing in our lives compares.
We are drenched in His presence; soothed with His peace; bathed in His love.
amen amen amen...

Thank you so much for your encouraging words on my blog. God has been leading me in a spiritual weight loss journey for two years now. As He has increased, I have not only decreased physcially (75lbs. and counting) but in all arease where there was just too much of ME!!

Blessings in Christ.