Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Some of you probably do not remember the old soap opera from the 60's and 70's, but some of you do~ "Love is a Many Splendored Thing".

As an elementary student who spent some summers at her dad's office in Russellville, AR, I would make sure that every day at 11am (I think), I was sitting in front of the old black and white tv to watch this show. I would adjust the rabbit ears and sit in the driver's room to watch it.

I don't remember much about the show except that it journaled the ups and downs of the love lives of a few characters. As an 8 year old, I was fascinated.

Today I am 46 and am celebrating my 26th Wedding Anniversary with the love of my life, Rusty.

I can truly say that today I am more madly in love than ever. I look back over the last 26 years, 27 since we started dating, and am thankful for all the moments we have spent together. We have laughed much, cried some, yelled a little :), but through it all our love has grown stronger and stronger.

Rusty is truly the most amazing person I know. He still takes my breath away and he still makes my heart do somersaults when he kisses me.

We are celebrating a little differently today than how we had planned, but we are together. I have known he has loved me over the last 27 years, but last night I was reminded again, that I have my "knight in shining armor".

He takes his role as my husband seriously. He is my priest, my provider and my protector~ and he is great at all of them!

I believe I am the most fortunate woman on the face of the earth! Little girls always long for the handsome prince to come in an rescue them and make them a princess. That's how Rusty makes me feel every day- as his princess. I am loved, protected, cared for and provided for. He makes me feel like the center of the world.

Every lady deserves that. I am blessed enough to have it!

Rusty Blann, a year ago we renewed our vows on a cold romantic evening by the Potomac River in Maryland. Today I recommit myself to you in a hospital room in Mississippi. :) I love you more than ever and am so glad to be Mrs. Rusty Blann.

I thank God for bringing us together and filling our lives and marriage with so much joy and happiness. With you by my side, I truly say, "Love is a Many Splendored Thing!"

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful man on the face of the earth! I love you so very much!

PS~ for updates on my little medical adventure we are mainly using facebook, but I am doing ok. We still do not have answers, but I get to go do more tests today to help them find this out. woo hoo!!
And if you read my previous blog, please let me add to my fashion journal. Along with all of my pretty bracelets and necklaces, I know have an original design on my torso~ lots of swirly red cirles. The medical staff meticulously planned this artistry by placing adhesive round disks all over me. They would then attach my little necklaces to them. From time to time they have need to change out my disks, so I have LOTS! I guess maybe the adhesive material is a little too much excitement for my skin and my skin has responded with bright red, itchy designs. I am just all decorated up for my anniversary with my hubby! :)

PSS Andi f that didn't make you smile- this should~
My dear friend Ms. Shirley brought me LOTS of m&ms while I was in West Memphis. Yesterday afternoon I asked my daughter Glenda to get me some. She brings them to me in a cup with a sweet smile on her face. Of course, I began guzzeling them down ~ to a chorus of laughter from my 3 oldest children. My "innocent" oldest had "lovingly" placed my beloved m&ms in a sterile urine cup. I didn't catch this little fact until a few minutes later. So they all had fun laughing at me.

PSSS ~ and this little tidbit to make you feel sorry for me~ :)
Right after I finished that last paragraph, a nurse came in to change my IV. I mentioned to her that I am probably a little dehydrated because they won't let me drink anything - A G A I N. She assures me my veins are good. In the back of my mind I'm praying, "let it be, let it be!"
So she proceeds with her little gloves and huge needle.
All in MY FLESH! :)
Sure enough- the first vein rolled.
The second vein blew.

So now, I'm waiting for the charge nurse to come in and
and Prod
in my FLESH!

She also had me sign a little paper that basically said, "If the doctor messes up, if the staff is stupid, or if the electricity goes out- no matter what I - the one who is the patient- assumes full responsibility for anything that happens." Yes, I'm kidding! But it did make me think that way.

ah, well. Such is the day in the life of a patient. :)

luv u all- thank you for your prayers! Please keep praying!


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