Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Neglecting Our Salvation

The question was asked:
"Can I lose my salvation?"

I wanted to be careful of my answer because this was not an adult seeking "life's answers". This was a teen who came from a home with doctrinal differences than mine on the subject.

Do I give my "learned A/G" response or do I cause her to ask herself more questions with answers in scripture?

I asked myself, "But do I really think that differently from what she has been taught?"

I replied:

"I don't know necessarily. I'm thinking about what God's Word says. The New Testament teaches that we are born into the family of God through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. (Romans 7,8) I have children. There is NOTHING they could do to make me stop loving them. NOTHING. Nothing they could do to make ME disown THEM. But, should they reject mine and my husband's rules, there will be consequences. I hate to say it, but for their own good, if they totally rebelled against our parental authority, they would lose the comforts of living in the home, my husband and I gladly provide for them. Their choices would cause certain consequences, not because we look for any chance to punish them, but because we love them more than they can imagine. They could change their name and never speak to us. They could walk away from all the love we give freely and all the blessings of provision we give, but we would never disown them. We would never go to court to say 'No longer are you my child'. Our home is established in love, but love AND discipline. Because of our love we have rules to protect our children. Rules that we enforce ~ out of love. Rules that if rejected do bear consequences such as loss of privileges and blessings. Rules that if continued to be rejected ~ or even 'neglected' would result in not being able to continue living under our roof ~ that is after they became of a certain age. (Important point)

I believe our relationship with God is a lot like that. He loves us more than we can imagine, but just because He is a God of love and mercy does not mean that there are not consequences to our actions. He would never just cast us out, but we, being creatures with free wills may leave His blessings and grace at any time."

I continued:

"I think the question might better be stated, 'Can I neglect my salvation'? 'Lose' denotes an accident or something that wasn't meant to happen. 'Neglect' may indicate something we didn't mean to happen, but because of our carelessness, what once was precious, has now become something we thoughtlessly toss aside.

God's Grace is loving enough and merciful enough to KEEP us. His Holiness is perfect enough to demand a just retribution. Yes, we are covered by the blood of Jesus. Yes, His blood cleanses us from all our sins, BUT, there are many 'IFS' in God's Word attached to our salvation. (Romans 6-8). The Word speaks much of 'living by the Spirit, walking in the Spirit, not living according to the flesh or giving in to the desires of the flesh'. The Word also says that should we decide to live according to the flesh the end result is (spiritual) death. When our spirit dies, we are in need, once again, of being born again. If we live according to the spirit on a daily basis, crucify our flesh, and die to our self, our spirit man will not die, but live and thrive and become spiritually mature.

Does this mean we become perfect? ~ Oh, no. Not by a long shot, but it does mean we can grow and develop the likeness of Christ in who we are."

She looked at me and looked at her Bible. "I have some studying to do."

Inside I was thanking God for His Spirit giving me Words to say.

Deep down, I think we A/G loving folks sometimes forget the "Eternal Security" Christ's blood has afforded us. Yes, He DID provide an "Eternal Security" for us, but He did not provide "unconditional security" for us.

I cannot "fall" from grace, but should I rebel and reject His love and sacrifice, I can "jump" from His loving mercies.

What "fool" would do such a thing - to know the love and grace of Christ and then totally reject all that Christ has to offer? One who has tasted one bite at a time of the temptations of this world~ wealth, pleasures, idleness, selfishness, all the temptations Jesus faced, but refused.

Jesus said Himself in Revelation 3, "I will spit you out of my mouth". He was talking to the church of Laodicea- people in the CHURCH - those who know and have tasted of the salvation of our God.

I am not writing this blog today to start some crazy debate regarding doctrinal differences. I am writing more to all of us to NOT NEGLECT this wonderful and marvelous salvation that has been given to us, paid for by the precious blood of Jesus.

I want to be passionate about my relationship with Christ.
I want to be intentional in my relationship with Christ.
I want to be radical in my relationship with Christ!

I just want to become more and more like my Savior, my Redeemer, the Lover of my Soul. Because when it is all said and done, it is not about THIS life that matters. It is about spending eternity with the Glorious and Majestic King of Kings and Lord of Lords- The Great I AM!

I just want to hear HIM say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."

Wow! Come quickly Lord Jesus!



Tonya said...

OH MY WORD! That was awesome! Great way to explain it, I've never heard that described in such detail before... so helpful.

Tonya said...

OH MY WORD! That was so awesome! I've never heard it explained with such detail... so helpful.