Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The "Wonders" of Christmas

I absolutely LOVE Christmas!
I love giving gifts to my children and granddaughters.
I love the excitement of the kids waking up that morning to see what is under the tree.
I love the music the radio stations start playing November 1st. :)
I love all the decorations the stores put out September 1st. :) :) (Just kidding)
I even LIKE decorating the tree and putting out all of our Christmas adornments.

The season we are supposed to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

God the Son left the majesty of Heaven.
God the Son left the attributes of His infinity.
God the Son came to earth and clothed Himself,
not in omniscience,
not in omnipotence,
not in omnipresence,
not in glory or splendor.
God the Son, humbled Himself, coming to earth clothed in

simple humanity.

Human Flesh with its limitations, desires, needs and all that is humanity.

God the Son, Jesus wrapped in humanity.

Have you ever "wondered" about that night?

Have you "wondered":
What was going through Mary's mind?
What on earth Joseph was thinking?
Did the innkeeper have any idea his little business would go down in history?
If anyone noticed shepherds running into Bethlehem to go to a barn?
What happened to the shepherds?
Were any of them around when Jesus started His public ministry?
What Mary's parents thought?
Did they think Joseph and Mary had gone crazy?
What about Mary's best friend? I'm sure she had someone to confide in. What did she think?

I have said for years, that more than anyone else, Mary knew that Jesus was born of a virgin birth. She knew more than anyone that the child in her womb was truly the Son of God.

Every year at Christmas, I just "wonder"...........

I hope you "wonder" also!

Merry Christmas!

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