Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This Crazy Week!

First of all THANK YOU everyone for your prayers!

God is faithful and I am in His perfect hands.

In case you are reading this and you do not know, I am typing this blog sitting in a hospital bed- waiting for a pacemaker to be put in tomorrow.

I am still in shock I think. I just can't wrap my little brain around this craziness.

I FEEL great! ~ at the moment. I have had lots of moments in the last several days when I haven't felt so great, but such is life, right?

Saturday, I was headed out the door to go to my office to catch up on a few things when my kids found me a few minutes later in the floor.

Long story short (#1) Rusty DRUG me to the ER. :) I wasn't a very willing wife. Ha!
They admitted me and waited until today (Monday) to do some tests.

One of the tests was a thallium treadmill. I thought, "No, big deal! I've been exercising on my new little wii fit game and I will do this fine." And I did! (ha! you thought I was going to say something else.)

Fine for a few seconds that is. Then I bottomed out. Saw white lights and everything!
It scared the people and the doctor in the radiology room. We were laughing later because when I first went in there, they were discussing how tired they were and half asleep after a long festive weekend. I joked with them about some shopping stuff etc, etc.

I reached my target heart rate of 148! Woo hoo! I was rather proud that my little hiney muscles and leg muscles held me up that long (credit goes to my new wii fit, of course!).

Then I felt that weird feeling. The next thing I know that doctor is beating on my chest and yelling at me to breathe and open my eyes. "Stay with us! Stay with us!", he yelled.

I was like~ "Oh, Jesus, I long to see your face, but I want to kiss my husband, kids and grandkids good bye first!"

All I could see was WHITE!

And of course, I have been making jokes (nervous jokes) today about how glad I was that I saw WHITE lights and not darkness!! It WAS reassuring. (Don't snicker, you would be glad too if you thought you were about to breathe your last!)

So, the doc said my heart rate went from 148 to 28 in a matter of seconds. I got a sweet little dose of atropine (sp?) to keep me in this body for now.

We have had several good laughs today out of some of my memories of those few minutes. One of the assistants in there, (I don't know her professional title) was a precious African American lady. When I told them that everything was white, I looked at her and said, "Even you dear!"
She got tickled. We all laughed.

So, I have transferred to the hospital where my husband's cardiologists group is and will more than likely have a pacemaker tomorrow - or today rather.

They don't know yet WHY this is happening, but will not do a heart cath until I have the pacemaker put in. (I typed installed and erased it. I am not a car that needs a new battery! ha)

I told them, if they just would have let me have my diet coke this morning, all would be well.

Then, I have thought about the heart cath. "What if they find some blockage?" Will they tell me to NEVER eat m&ms again?!!!"

Do you see where I am going with the new line of thought and concern!

We are talking some serious stuff here!

But, I will cross that bridge when i come to it~ and will maybe take the ferry across!:)

In the mean time, I have a new jewelry collection!
New bracelets - red, yellow and white!
and a new necklace- black strands!

They took some of my bracelets away today when I changed hospitals but game me perty new ones in their place.

I also have a new wardrobe! Brilliantly designed gowns that are made for comfort and ease! Why, I don't even have to disrobe to let them look at my new necklace!

So, this crazy week isn't so bad. I just have to look on the bright side and find the funnies hidden smack dab in the middle of crazy!

Tomorrow I will be sporting a brand new accessory!
(I sure hope it matches my necklace and bracelets!)

love you all and thank you again for your continued prayers!


Crystal said...

Love you Dorinda! Praying for a speedy recovery. Love, Crystal

lasturch said...

Ms. Dorinda,
What an amazing woman you are!!!!
You are such a godly woman... You are in a hospital bed typing, and you are encouraging me!!!! You always point to Jesus, and I absolutely love that... I love to say that you are my pastor's wife and my friend!!! I admire your strength, courage, love of people, and mostly your love of God, more than you will ever know... You are the BEST!!! I am praying for you all, and I love you very much!!!

Lee Ann

Jennifer said...

Oh, Dorinda! I can't imagine all the emotions that you and your family have been feeling since Saturday. But, I am so thankful that you weren't already in the car on the way to the church when you passed out or at the church alone. Thank you, Jesus as Your timing is always perfect and Your hand was on my precious friend, Dorinda in that very moment.

I know as a Christian that we long to see His face but I would certainly hate to leave my husband, children and grandson.

I am so thankful that you are still here with us and God isn't finished with you, my sweet friend just yet.

I love you and we are finally home to get some rest...we will see you later.

Love you!!!

Suzanne - Daughter of the King said...

Praying for you!!

Lisa Young said...

Wow, Dorinda! I had no idea. I just prayed and will continue to do so. Keep your great attitude, girl! That's why He made you that way...to help you get through tough times. You are SO in His hands! Don't ever let doubt or fear in....keep walking in that amazing faith, sistah!
Love you,