Thursday, May 8, 2008

Noni's China Journals: One More Day to Mia!

As a "visitor" on the adoption trip I had the unique privilege of seeing these adoptive parents from the "outside". (I was one of 4 grandmothers that accompanied their children to adopt.)

I remember sending an email after we landed in Guangzhou about the excitement level building with these parents.

Most of the time was spent filling out paperwork and getting documents and money ready for the big "Gotcha Day" of these precious babies.

While parents were busy with the paper trails, this noni had a Big Sister Club party in my room for the three girls about to enter the joys of sibling rivalry. We made a tent out of sheets draped over the chairs and picnicked on brownies, peanut butter crackers and apple juice.

It was fun talking to these 3 girls about the joys of being a big sister and how they would help mommy and daddy take care of their new sibling.

How do I describe to you the excitement and expectation levels that were continually rising in these families' hearts?

Sitting in the bus going to our different destinations, I watched.

The anxious pats on the shoulder of a spouse.
The hope filled stares out of the bus window.
A squeeze of the hand.
A longing in the eyes that no words can describe. A longing that can only mean~ I am here for a purpose and that is to hold my baby girl in my arms.
The nervous laughter that erupted for no real reason.

One more night without a new baby.
One more night for the longing to be unfulfilled.

All of the expectations of the past two years are about to come to pass.

Sleepless nights in a country half way around the world are about to end - or continue. :)
But- better to have sleepless nights with a crying baby, than to have them because of empty arms.

Tomorrow we celebrate Mia's first "Gotcha Day"!

Thank you Jesus for the beauty of Adoption. I am doubly blessed in many ways.


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